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fragonard May 20th, 2009 20:51

Heights of Power?
I saw the G2 CP item in the news yesterday and went to the IronKeep Studio site to check it out. I noticed that the changes are part of a bigger mod called Heights of Power. I DL'd it and played a few hours - very thoughtful changes to basic NOTR gameplay. I was getting bored with NOTR after several games but this seems to be good enough to get me started on a new game. I recommend this to old G2 fans for another playthrough.

fragonard June 27th, 2009 00:40

It looks like HoP is not going to be further updated but there is a new CP 1.0a which was linked in the GOG forums. It adds some alternate balance from Hop so it's taking the place of the new version.

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