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HiddenX August 9th, 2019 18:12

Titan Outpost - Released
The adventure RPG Titan Oupost has been released today:


Titan: Outpost

It is the year 2077. Humanity is in the midst of an energy crisis and the future of civilisation is in peril.


Your mission is a last-ditch effort at satiating your species' ever-growing thirst for fuel. With unmitigated growth, environmental change was inevitable. Earth's equator is slowly becoming a lifeless desert. Endless fields of solar arrays gave us some breathing room, but collective efforts at temperature regulation only compounded our energy problems. We colonized the moon in 2060 and the demand for energy only grew larger.

In crisis, people united. Europe, West-Russia, The United States, Japan and most South American countries united to form the International Autonomous Space Association. You work for this supranational organisation.

A cold war has arisen between your employers and the economically powerful Chinese, who are working on colonising Mars and also have a presence in the Saturnian system. On frosty Titan, this war will literally be very cold indeed.

Harvest the moon's abundant hydrocarbon resources and uncover its mysteries. Explore the orange moon, visit lakes of methane and establish a mining operation. The extremely cold climate will be your biggest enemy. Or will it?

More information.

joxer August 9th, 2019 18:29

Seems it's released too early:

game totally broken
loading time area is painfull , lonmg, long, the first time i thought the game had crashed
save = freeze the game , need to reload and freeze always
character pass between wall ,door and object and sometime gtlitch , appear, dissapear on floor

tutorial is the worse i seen , etc..
i clicked ONE UNREAD MESSAGE, NOTHING HAPPEN, no place to indicate where the message are

texte is really small, no option to change the size even if i changed the resolution screen
no zoom option, all is too small, hard to see the object correctly

rjshae August 9th, 2019 20:04

Wait, they're going to ship methane from Titan to Earth now? Face palm.

Lucky Day August 11th, 2019 17:39

So all planets grass and wood eating animals and bacteria have died off but we've invented a cheap fuel source to get us to titan and back where the investment in methane is worth it?

Titan might be a decent place to refuel if we needed something other than Saturn's sling shot and we didn't have to concern ourselves with Titan's gravity to extract it. Is the game assuming there's life on Titan?

Cacheperl August 11th, 2019 22:37

There is an explanation to all your questions:


Tactician August 12th, 2019 04:48

Well definitely need more Adventure RPGs and this is one of them, so good start Maybe?

Carnifex August 12th, 2019 16:31

Seems pretty messy right now, maybe I'll check back in a few months and see if they get their act together.

Ripper August 12th, 2019 18:12

Looks like the RPG equivalent of a SyFy channel schedule-filler.

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