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JDR13 April 13th, 2021 22:52

Best tax software
What's the best do-it-yourself tax program? I haven't done my own taxes in years, but I'm thinking about doing them this year.

JFarrell71 April 13th, 2021 23:25

Turbotax is very annoying. Don't use that unless you like having to click "no thank you" on literally every page as they try to sell you extra services.

I use Taxcut. It's a'ight.

dteowner April 14th, 2021 00:21

Been using H&R Block Taxcut since it was Kiplinger's in the early 90's. Easy to use, thorough, and I've never been audited. Can't ask for much more than that

Carnifex April 14th, 2021 03:15

Former banker/CPA here, H&R Block's software was what I used, and it never let me down.

Couchpotato April 26th, 2021 05:33

Damn Federal finally accepted my return. They owe me $3,200.

Edit: Anyway I settled with E-file.com as the other sites didn't cover the missed economic rebates. It's sad how some sites are not user friendly for low income on SSD filers.

txa1265 May 24th, 2021 14:38

Late to the party, but been using TurboTax forever so just keep on going … don’t have any issues either, never audited, and things always make sense. (As much as they ever do!)

Carnifex May 24th, 2021 18:19

I've heard good things on Turbotax, never used it myself yet remember friends and some co-workers at my credit union being well pleased with the software, including the results afterwards. It's good for folks to have options!

JDR13 May 24th, 2021 21:07

I ended up just using H&R Block. It was ok. Thanks to everyone who responded. :)

daveyd May 26th, 2021 03:05

I used to use Turbo Tax but at some point they wanted to charge me so I switched to FreeTaxUSA a few years ago. Works well enough for me w/o much hassle. They do charge for state tax though so I use my state's own free site for that.

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