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HiddenX July 14th, 2017 19:50

XCOM 2 - 12 new Features in War of the Chosen
PC Gamer reports that the XCOM 2 expansion War of the Chosen comes with 12 new features:


12 new features in XCOM 2 expansion War of the Chosen

Hero characters, new enemies, personality traits, and more.

I recently sat down with XCOM boss Jake Solomon and played through a mission from War of the Chosen. This expansion adds an enormous amount of new stuff—both frivolous and game-changing—to Firaxis’ brilliant sci-fi strategy game, to the point where it almost feels like a sequel.

And while I was taking notes on my laptop as Solomon explained the expansion’s new features, I noticed he seemed to be remembering something new every few minutes. So here are as many things as I managed to scribble down during my demo, between actually trying to play the thing.

If you want to read a thorough rundown of everything I got up to in my playthrough, diving deep into the new enemies and altered campaign structure, you can read all about it in the next issue of PC Gamer.
  1. The Chosen are crazy powerful
  2. Assassins can kidnap your soldiers
  3. The Chosen have traits
  4. There are friendly heroes too
  5. Heroes have their own upgrade tree
  6. Your soldiers will have more personality
  7. Soldiers can form bonds
  8. Sitreps make things more interesting
  9. There’s a new enemy type called The Lost
  10. There are three kinds of Lost
  11. The Lost are neutral
  12. You can create your own propaganda

Thanks henriquejr!

More information.

Teatime July 14th, 2017 19:50

This link talks about 112 new things in War of the Chosen


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