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Wesp5 August 12th, 2020 20:51

How to fix game exit?
I know elmo patched the VERENDER3.dll file of The Precursors to kill the game process after you exit the game. Does somebody know how to do the same for White Gold or maybe there is a similar solution already in the Russian community that I could include in the Unofficial Patch?

Wesp5 August 18th, 2020 19:34

I found a cool guy who fixed this for me, expect it in the next Unofficial Patch :)!

Mayamenstate January 15th, 2021 23:51

Coupled with three files from Steam: game.dll, veloader.dll, vital.dll, which untie the verification of the license disk for authenticity- the perfect nodvd. Which also removes the game from the task manager and goes to the desktop thanks to this file. Download a license from a torrent like XENUS2WG. mdf/mds, put these 3 files with Steam and this one VERENDER3.dll from your patch, and run the game without checking the disk for authenticity or entering the key, and freezing the game yet! This utility starforcehelper no longer detects them. You can even delete these 4 protect StarForce files: protect.exe, protect.dll, protect.x64, protect.x86 in the same way, as in the Steam. And the game will run exactly the same way. And this is a licensed disc version of the game! I asked StarForce for clarification on this, and this is what they sent me:
protect.exe, protect.dll, protect. x64, protect. x86 are our StarForce protection libraries. If you delete them and the game starts, then apparently the game has already been hacked and untied from protection.
As for the rest, we can not comment, because Steam did not contact us about this game and what they offer on their site is unknown to us.https://www.flickr.com/photos/157235…05928/sizes/o/

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