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Silver September 9th, 2019 13:20

Wasteland 3 - Preview
A preview of Wasteland 3 from Wccftech.


Once you reach your destination, the Kodiak actually joins you in battle (or appears in a hub/settlement) too. Let me tell you, it's an invaluable resource early on in any fight. It's while fighting that you'll notice even more of the increase in production values. Character models, terrain, buildings, everything features more detail in Wasteland 3 than in the second title. More than just production values, there's also been an increase in how user-friendly combat is.

Inventory is one of the major ways that InXile have improved the use of characters and combat. No longer do characters have separate inventories, so you don't have to faff around passing weapons and equipment from character to character, just to use them. The use of a shared inventory makes ammo and other resource management so much easier and is a much-appreciated change.


Thanks Farflame!

More information.

ikbenrichard September 9th, 2019 14:39

currently playing WL2 DC, i for one cannot wait to play WL3

Arkadia7 September 9th, 2019 15:45

Honestly I like the inventory management that was in Wasteland 2. It's fun to me to distribute the items found, and I like having each party member having their own inventory. It also just makes common sense. Sorry to see them go to a simplified, "dumbed-down" group inventory system.

you September 9th, 2019 15:59

I'm mixed; the group inventory is definitely a convenience but it also does reduce the choice side of things which was part of the game (i frequently had limited ammo and had to decide who got which bullets or whatever - esp during long fights).
If the rest of the game is really good i won't notice the negative but if everything is streamlined to the same degree it might become a less interesting game which would be a big negative.

Pladio September 9th, 2019 16:54

It's one of the things that made me hate original sin and wasteland 2.

Managing inventory like real life is not my idea of fun.

A weight limit makes some sense to me and avoids me going ocd and carrying everything in the game, but having to move things around just feels like a waste of time.

If managing ammo and combat utilities was the only thing then that's not too bad, but then it should just have a common inventory and then a few combat slots for individual units.

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vidder September 9th, 2019 17:37

I love shared inventorys nowadays.. it feels cumbersome and unnecessary for each individual to have their own.

Carnifex September 9th, 2019 18:15

I'm really looking forward to this third game, I'll likely work in another replay of the second before this one releases.

Nereida September 9th, 2019 18:55

I had problems to finish WL2 due to how repetitive it gets the more the game advances combat wise. You basically repeat the same battle over and over in different landscapes, as you gain nearly no skills or abilities to keep your play-style evolving and feeling fresh, or having to adapt to different foes and situations, which is something that better games like XCom do.

I hope WL3 improves in this aspect, and then I'll very likely buy it.

Kordanor September 9th, 2019 19:44


Originally Posted by vidder (Post 1061580767)
I love shared inventorys nowadays.. it feels cumbersome and unnecessary for each individual to have their own.

Already loved it when I first encountered it in Lands of Lore. Managing individual inventories was already a pain in the ass in Eye of the Beholder and Realms of Arkania.
In these games I just branded one the "herb guy" one the "crap to sell guy" and so one, and basically using character inventories as labeled bags. That can't be the intention of having individual characters and adds no value to the game.

fadedc September 10th, 2019 14:38

I think the best compromise is to have combat items like potions/stim packs be assigned to individual characters. But any item that will not be used in combat should go to a group party pool because it has zero effect on the game who is carrying it.

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