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you October 17th, 2018 21:26

Yea you said that already but i was asking about playtime not development time.


Originally Posted by daveyd (Post 1061535441)
Well, if AR-K is any indication, it's going to take a long time… to come out.

TomRon October 17th, 2018 21:54

I'm intrigued but won't be backing this one, might buy it at release if I hear good things though.

daveyd October 17th, 2018 22:37


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061535452)
Yea you said that already but i was asking about playtime not development time.

Well, it says right in the front of their Kickstarter page +40 hours of gameplay (+60 hours of gameplay including stretch goals). But honestly asking that question right now is probably a bit like asking how long the play time of Grimoire is about 20 years ago. :P

you October 18th, 2018 01:18

Thanks. I did check and even searched for hours but…. I see a graphic image not text. Yuck.


Originally Posted by daveyd (Post 1061535461)
Well, it says right in the front of their Kickstarter page +40 hours of gameplay (+60 hours of gameplay including stretch goals). But honestly asking that question right now is probably a bit like asking how long the play time of Grimoire is about 20 years ago. :P

Myrthos October 18th, 2018 22:49

40 hours was what they mentioned at Gamescom as well.

Couchpotato October 19th, 2018 18:54

First update was posted.

Link - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects…/posts/2317069

Funding slowed a little and it.s close to $40,000.

Copper Coin October 19th, 2018 20:14


The ancient and magical race known as Mourians lives in the Otherworld-- they use portals and mystic labyrinths to interact with or even enter our human world. Their bones and eyes are made of a sort of gold, so they have huge reserves of that precious metal.

If you do business with a Mourian, they'll always pay extra for whatever you sell-- often offering a massive quantity of gold for a simple piece of good food. But, never try to cheat them… if you do, their gold will change to coal… forever.
Awesome! I'm so sick of elves and dwarves.

Couchpotato October 20th, 2018 21:09

The Second update was posted.

Link - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects…/posts/2320488

Today we want to talk about our first stretch goal, and one of the most talented scriptwriters in videogame industry: Emily Grace Buck.
Seems this kickstarter is getting less attention then Realms Beyond.

Copper Coin October 20th, 2018 21:24

That was lame. They need to give new details instead of linking old videos and talking about stretch goals they will likely never achieve.

BoboTheMighty October 21st, 2018 01:21

Surprised ( non pleasantly) this isn't gettin more interest. Seems like Dragon Age Origins, with way more interesting premise/story.

Copper Coin October 21st, 2018 01:43

The premise is why I backed. Fantasy world based on ancient Gallicia and Spanish mythology with time travel? Unique playable races such as Werewolves, Cyclops, and Genies? Sounds too good to be true.

Gameplay also seems interesting. 32 classes with 800 formations and abilities sounds much deeper than anything Dragon Age: Origins had to offer.

Graphics look unique and stylish


Only thing that could sell me more is if they used Gallician folk music


Morrandir October 21st, 2018 16:55


Originally Posted by BoboTheMighty (Post 1061536150)
Surprised ( non pleasantly) this isn't gettin more interest. Seems like Dragon Age Origins, with way more interesting premise/story.

Time traveling.

artabrianwood October 25th, 2018 21:08

Hi Dave,

Here it's David from Gato Studio. Firstly, I understand 100% your critic about the studio. I know there's a huge delay with the final installment of AR-K and that's really sad, but consider the third episode was a really solid release, we got around 80% ratings through all the media, even sites about specialized adventure / point & click games like Justadventure or Adventuregamers.com gave us really nice reviews. The problem, and that took us until 2017, is that the game didn't sold as nice as its reviews so there was no way out to produce a the final chapter if we wanted to stay alive as developers.

As a consequence, we had like "2 years in the desert" stage, were we released Bullshot while focused to get funds in alternative sources. And one of the results is that we started to give video-games development classes, this became a beautiful tool to recruit new talented people.

So in September 2017 stars aligned, we got really lucky, that lead us to hire +30 new employees (we growed up from 6 to 39 buddies last year) from our video-game development classes to start this new project, we could say is an inspirational project because it reflects the culture of our ancestors, our heritage.

The Waylanders is now our main project so understand we give it priority over AR-K, but we will finish AR-K as well, even it's really far for being a cost efficient idea and I'm sure 99% developers in the same situation would give up. About the DRM-free version, please notice GOG.com won't give license to unfinished episodic adventures, so we won't be able to provide them until we release the 4th next year.

Thanks in any case for putting up your thoughts on this, for any other question I'll be happy to answer here or within the KS forum ;)

artabrianwood October 25th, 2018 21:17


Originally Posted by Carnifex (Post 1061535289)
I'm not as big of fan of this pitch as I am of the Realm's Beyond one, but these kinds of projects I cannot ignore. Backed!

That's nice man! Realms Beyond is a really good looking project, that oldschool vibe, they had 4 or 5 backers within us, me included, just wish both projects got a nice ending :)

artabrianwood October 25th, 2018 21:19


Originally Posted by Copper Coin (Post 1061536114)
That was lame. They need to give new details instead of linking old videos and talking about stretch goals they will likely never achieve.

Thanks for the feedback, there's a lot of content about races and history very soon. You won't be dissapointed :)

artabrianwood October 29th, 2018 00:59

Update 7# 27 de oct de 2018
Live streaming, weapons, armors, board game and more!

artabrianwood October 30th, 2018 13:15

Fomorians, new streaming and… Level up rewards!


The Fomorians are the original immortal inhabitants of Ireland. After a long, bloody war with the Tuatha de Danaan, they were exiled to a small part of the Mourian Otherworld. Most humans immediately find them sinister-- Fomorians are giants compared to all others, and their exile has forced them to subsist by turning to cannibalism. The Fomorian King, the largest of the giants, has the ability to regenerate, so they feed on him in order to survive.

Fomorians are big… REALLY BIGFomorians are big… REALLY BIG

Despite these horrors, the Fomorians are a deeply honorable people, and they've accepted their defeat as their destiny.


Half-Formorians are the descendants of both the Fomorians and the Tuatha. They are the tallest character race that you can play in The Waylanders.

If you play as a Half-Fomorian, your character will have grown up a second class citizen in the Mourian underground, with little knowledge of the outside world. You'll look human enough to most people… though perhaps incredibly tall and a bit odd. As a vassal of the Mourians, you're their gun-for-hire mercenary who has fought on their side in various conflicts throughout time. You arrive in Ireland as a bodyguard, but also as a warning-- that the Mourians remember what the Tuatha did to the Fomorians.

An example of Half-FomorianAn example of Half-Fomorian

By the middle ages, the Fomorians have overtaken their Mourian jailers and now rule the Otherworld. When humans peek through the old, decrepit Mourian doors, all they can see are monstrous figures surrounded by endless fire.



We’re almost at the middle of our Kickstarter campaign, and we need YOUR help to spread the word!

If every backer like you referred just one new person to the campaign, we could make our goal. So….

For each new backer you refer who ends up contributing to the Kickstarter, you’ll receive a reward of $30 credit! Yes, those rewards stack!


You can use all your reward credit in the pledge manager at the end of the campaign to get cool add-ons or even upgrade your reward tier.



Help us share the campaign to get new backers!



The first live streaming was great! We had a lot of viewers, interesting questions… It was a good way to connect with all of you. And we want to repeat. This Wednesday, October 31st… we'll be on Youtube Live again!

We’ll show new content, and you can also make questions about the referral program.

Hope you like the good content about races, the referral program and the new live streaming!

artabrianwood November 4th, 2018 20:32

The Waylanders: STORY PREVIEW!

We think this is one of the most interesting and important updates. We'll show you a story preview! Written by top notch RPG scripwriters, we can guarantee you'll enjoy a great and epic tale during the hours you'll be playing The Waylanders. Keep reading!


The Celtic Brigantians are on their way to create an unprecedented alliance with the god-like Tuatha de Danaan- the supernatural rulers of the Isle of Ireland. King Ith and his son, the Prince, are hopeful that this will bring a new era of peace to Europe. You’re along on his expedition as either a diplomat, protector, or mercenary depending on your origin.


But, tragedy strikes as the negotiations erupt into chaos. Everyone’s lives are in peril- including yours!

In order to allow the royalty to escape, you-- with the help of a Mourian Seer and a Druid named Amergin- manage to hold the line. As you become overwhelmed by the forces of the Tuatha, you realize that you’ve taken on a suicide mission.


Just as you suffer what would otherwise be a death blow, the Seer opens an entrance to the Mourian Underworld. She and Amergin work together, and by combining Mourian and Druidic magicks, they’re able to save your life… but at a cost.


Parts of your body have been replaced by Mourian metals. And more shocking… you’ve been untethered from space and time!

You, and you alone, are developing the ability to travel through time.


You return home to Brigantia to find the land corrupted. It has been overrun by horrible monsters- creatures of pure chaos and rage! Not only that, but the prince has been unseated by a cruel and unyielding Usurper, who has turned the world of the Celts against all magick-users.


By traveling between the Celtic and Medieval eras, you’ll discover the source of the monsters, bring peace back to the Celtic realm… and make some friends and lovers along the way!

Now, you know how The Waylanders begins. We hope you like it!

artabrianwood November 7th, 2018 10:52

Update n° 11 - 7 de nov de 2018

Celtic locations


In the previous update, we shared with you a story preview. Today, we want to show you some content about Celtic locations.

Many of the locations you can visit in The Waylanders are based off of real historical sites in Spain, such as the one below:

This location is based on Santa Tecla's hillfort (also known as Santa Trega), a place in the Southwest of Galicia. It's considered a Place of Cultural Interest, and wan inhabited around 2000 years ago.

In The Waylanders, your adventure begins in the Celtic region of Kaltia, in what is now Galicia in Northwestern Spain.

Kaltia has a lot of places you can visit, rich in nuances and dissimilar from each other. Coastal villages, big forests, necropolis, underground cities, werewolves camps… Let's take a quick look to some Celtic locations you can enjoy on The Waylanders!


The capital of these lands is Brigantia, a bustling coastal city, and home to King Ith and his court. Brigantia has the largest and densest population in all of Kaltia, and The Tower, an ancient lighthouse, is located here.

Dumbriga, a smaller city to the south, is the home of the University. Druids from all over Kaltia come here to study and perfect their magical crafts. A mountain at the center of town, commonly called The Olympus of the Celts, is said to house some of the elder gods, and is off-limits to all but the most advanced Druids.

Mourian Underworld
The Mourian Underworld is a vast underground network of cities and towns that spans the majority of Kaltia. There are a few large doors through which you can travel through to their society. Mourian architecture is elegant, and lavishly decorated- parts of their bodies are made of gold, but so are their homes.

Werewolf Camp
The Werewolf Camp is… a camp full of werewolves! They are master hunters and enjoy trading with the outside world, but are still seen as intimidating by many humans… partially because their camps are guarded by actual wolves.

Dunnios is an enormous necropolis. It is inhabited by few living souls, and instead houses the bodies of thousands of Celtic dead from many centuries past, including the legendary King Breoghan. Dunnios is what is known as a crossroads- a place where the lines blur between the living and the dead… a place known to attract dragons…

Aunes is a charming seaside town, mostly inhabited by Goblins. The Goblins of Kaltia are mischievous, playful creatures who don’t intend harm- but they might do harm if they think it’s funny… so it’s best to be on your guard.

The Woodlands
The Woodlands is, by far, the largest forest in the region. Small encampments and villages are littered throughout its dells and clearings. Many of the trees are said to be thousands of years old, and because of this, the area is known for being extremely magickal.

Ancares is a harsh, snowy mountain region with few permanent residents. The majority of buildings in Ancares are military forts meant to keep away the monsters that roam the tundras.

Medhu's Peak
Medhu’s Peak is the only Mourian city outside of the Underworld. It is named for the ancient goddess Medhu, and is wealthy nearly beyond imagination. The gold mines here are seemingly ever-flowing, and the ancient magick is felt in the very air you breathe.


We'll give you more details about these locations in future updates. You can comment and tell us which one is your favourite!

Carnifex November 7th, 2018 15:32

I think ancient Spain is an excellent area to explore in a game. Thanks for the information, please keep it coming!

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