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r3dshift October 24th, 2006 10:35

Beside Company of Heroes (yes, still), out of anticipation for NWN2, I have re-installed Neverwinter Nights, which I never finished when playing it first. I dunno if I'll achieve that this time, though :)

titus October 24th, 2006 13:37

I am playing conquer at the moment. it is a free mmorpg, nothing really special but fun.
I am thinking about playing g1 and g2 again, also want to replay VTM: bloodlines

txa1265 October 24th, 2006 13:59

Finished all of the other stuff I had going and am now playing Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins on the PSP. I'm pretty lousy at platformers and this is notoriously hard … not a good combination ;)

MasterLich October 24th, 2006 14:18

Currently playing Gothic 3, got it 4 days ago. Most of the time it is playable and runs OK but I wouldn't brag about my FPS.

I guess I'll get NWN 2 for Christmas; I have Betrayal at Krondor to finish and Arcanum to start if I get enough of Gothic 3 before Christmas.

txa1265 October 26th, 2006 20:53

On the PC I'm ~halfway into Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, would probably be close to finished but for all of the bugs and restarts and extra downloads and crashes … but when I'm actually *playing* it is great fun.

On the PSP I picked up Medal of Honor Heroes and am a few missions in. This is a pure MoH experience, more like the Allied Assault stuff and certainly better than Pacific Assault. The controls are a bit funky, and I had to crank the turn speed so it didn't feel like I was steering a tank … but overall not too bad.

The DS is still empty - they didn't have *anything* I wanted at either of my local Toys R Us stores, and my planned purchase of Star Trek: Tactical Assault is on hold for whenever they actually release it …

slam23 October 26th, 2006 21:08

Just finished:
- Half Life 2+episode 1 (great story and variety in gameplay)
- Knights of the Old Republic 2 - hand of pazaak anyone? :-)

Now playing:
- Oblivion (OOO'ed offcourse)
- System Shock 2
- Tomb Raider Legend
- some old apple and commodore emu games for the quick fix

Getting ready for:
- Knights of the Nine plugin for Oblivion
- just got Gothic III as a present for my birthday, I'll probably wait for the next patch
- NWN2

txa1265 October 26th, 2006 21:12


Originally Posted by slam23 (Post 3123)
- Knights of the Old Republic 2 - hand of pazaak anyone? :-)

I never got into Pazaak in either game … not a gambler in general.

titus October 27th, 2006 14:45

Never played a lot of pazaak, they were cheaters and i was never that lucky. Also had better stuff to spend my money on

magerette October 27th, 2006 14:52

Spellforce2-Shadow Wars
I'm not a huge fan of RTS, and to some extent the game suffers from trying to do two very separate things well, but overall, quite addictive. It's nice to play a stable game with no bugs or crashes(so far anyway.)
GalCiv2-Dread Lords
Nice take on the 4X space games--a little redolent of those that have gone before, but since we apparently will never get a decent sequel to MOO2 or Alpha Centauri, it 's there and quite playable for those Conquering the Universe moments.

All you people playing multiple games on multiple platforms--I'm heartily impressed!It's all I can do to keep my memory cells wrapped around one or two plots,GUI's, genres, etc. Too bad the game industry doesn't seem to realize how versatile, adaptable and hungry the non-stereo-typed gamer actually is. ;)

txa1265 October 27th, 2006 16:30


Originally Posted by magerette (Post 3258)
All you people playing multiple games on multiple platforms--I'm heartily impressed!

The way I do it is to control my inputs. I generally have 3 games going at once - one each for the PC, DS & PSP. So long as I keep the genres separated I'm OK - particularly with RPG. I'm sometimes OK with RPG if it is a 'real' one on the PC and an action-RPG on the PSP. Anything more involving is a problem. FPS is generally OK on two systems, unless they are too similar …

xSamhainx November 5th, 2006 23:15

Tomb Raider Legend - Xbox
Been a long time since Ive played a console title, but I was drawn to this one for some reason. Im glad I was, liking it quite a bit. Forgot how much fun bouncing Lara all over the place and exploring old ruins was!

NwN II: Havent really played it. Installed, updated, and good to go, but Im doing the usual day of agonizing over my character's class, race, etc. Playing Tomb Raider whilst I think about it. Thinking of a Wood Elf Ranger or Aasimar Paladin, torn in my decision.

WH40K: DOW - dabbling in this one atm, late-campaign, but still recovering from eye surgery so I'm kinda chillin on the RTS thing right now. I really need to finish this one up and get Winter Assault and Dark Crusade going. Im thinking Mark of Chaos is looking pretty good, seen a good preview or two that are actually making me think it aint gonna be bad.

Im going to come back to Spellforce II some day, it's on ice for now for some reason, I cant get motivated to play it lately. If I do get in the mood for RTS and my eyes are feeling up to it, I end up playing Warhammer, it's just so superior RTS-wise IMHO. I like Spellforce II, but the RTS controls in my opinion are just so lacking!

Jaz November 5th, 2006 23:28

Dark Messiah! I'm so glad I made it past those spiders… looks like I grew less arachnophobic these days: I could hardly bear to see the Arena, Thief, LoL and Hexen 2 spiders, yet this time around repeatedly shouting 'go away'did the trick. So far I like the game; especially the guards seem to be just as charming as the Arx ones, but I must admit I'm a bit peeved about the Mistress of the Obvious. I mean, come on, the game seems to be cheesecake already, so why waste energy on explaining things which need no explanation? In Strife you had a loudmouthed, invisible female guide, too, but Blackbird didn't get on my nerves the way Xana does. But, hey, I'm used to playing without a sound card, so I just turned off sound. Deaf gaming teaches you to keep your eyes peeled… an invaluable lesson for shooters a la CS ^_^.

slam23 November 6th, 2006 00:20

@xSamHainx: TR Legend was a lot of fun (I still have to finish it, believe I'm at the Kazachstan level), they did a lot of things right again after messing up the Dark Angel *shudder*. I played Legend on my new PC and was impressed with the "next-gen" graphics. But more importantly gameplay was balanced, diverse and fun. And it has Lara in a tight suit…….
Aasimar Paladin? If lawful good alignment was candy we would all be visiting the dentist right now just by looking at that character……doesn't it limit the roleplaying to just doin' the right thing all the time?

@Jaz: I'm hesistant toward Dark Messiah. I don't like them hijacking the name of one of my favorite franchises (bad reason) and I'm afraid it's a shooter disguised in RPG cloth (better reason?). And it also got spiders…..not big on them either :)

Jaz November 6th, 2006 00:40

@slam: I usually like it when a franchise is expanded.
Just think of Earthsiege… a simple mecha game bloomed into a universe filled with more mecha games, RTS/RBTs and MP shooters. Just keeping a tab on Bioderms was great fun. So I don't see why a shooter couldn't be enrichening the MM franchise. Apart from that, I have a soft spot for fantasy shooters/action adventures: IMO Battlespire was, despite the bugs, a valuable addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise, and the Towers of Darkness compilation recently toppled the original Doom series as my most replayed games of all times (calculating: Heretic came out in '94; I played the game at least twice a year since then, which would make 24 bouts minimum).
I'm also one of those folks who squealed with glee when Vincent from FFVII appeared in Ehrgeiz, and Raiden from MK made an appearance in Unreal Championship… yay to franchise crossover!

Despite all this, I understand your fears of something you cherish being ruined by an unworthy sequel/expansion. I guess they are similar to my fears when I heard there was an official sequel to Wolf3D in the making (fears unfounded, as I liked RtCW a lot), or when I heard of Doom 3 (which I didnt like), or Quake 4 (which I found to be a worthy sequel of Q2 despite several shortcomings). And I *know* I'd feel just like you if they announced a Realms of the Haunting RTS ^_^.

slam23 November 6th, 2006 01:49

@Jaz: Wow, you are sure one heck of a Heretic veteran! Can you play the game by heart like that guy who beat all 256 levels of Pac-man? I probably have to take an A level in speaking console, because sadly half of the games you refer to in your post are at best known to me by name :) I was already getting exasperated by the sheer amount of PC games I still have to play!
I also think Bethesda is succesful in the transgenre expansion of their franchise, Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind true freeform RPG, Battlespire combat-RPG, Redguard action-platformer (remember that one? It was optimised for Voodoo cards…..bad investment) and Oblivion…..well I can't peg that one just yet but action-oriented is part of the description probably. So I'm not against that. And if Dark Messiah brings new life to the franchise and leads to a proper RPG again, far from me to complain obviously. It's all in the expectation factor anyway, if you expect a proper deep RPG you probably will get disappointed, if you expect a shooter and get some RPG to go with that, it's a pleasant surprise. I'm thinking if I can name another franchise that has done transgenre and succeeded in it. There should be more?

xSamhainx November 6th, 2006 02:06

I like playing totally helpful, regal, chivalrous, benevolent characters for some reason. I guess Im just old-fasioned!
I always say "Im going to play a middle of the road or evil one next time around".

Maybe one of these days I truly will ='.'=

slam23 November 6th, 2006 02:17

:biggrin: Tried once to play an evil reincarnation of the Nameless One in PS:T, couldn't do it…..I'm a wuss and I know it :) But I did play a neutral rogue in NWN OC, that must count for something! Neutral good offcourse……

nameless hero November 6th, 2006 02:43

Well, I havent played anything for like 6 months. But Soon I will finish off Oblivion, despite its lamelessness (is that a word?). Ive come to the conclusion that: Bethesda Softworks Are Masters of making MASSIVE Games with nothing in them.

I have G3, but I will wait for further patches before I play. I will get Dark Messiah after I finish Oblivion. And maybe Ill also play FAHRENHEIT again. That game has replayability of 20/10!!!

txa1265 November 6th, 2006 04:26

For the PC, I finished Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, and am playing NWN2 and Anno 1701 - both very nice.

On the PSP I finished Ultimate Ghosts & Goblins and Medal of Honor Heroes. I picked up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and played some, but now I have Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony and it has my full attention - best CRPG-like feel on a handheld yet.

The DS is all about Star Trek: Tactical Assault right now - very nice game, quite difficult at times, but very engaging and Trekkie ;)

txa1265 November 6th, 2006 04:28


Originally Posted by Wheres_the_Guru (Post 5454)
DS = Yeah i bought a DS lol but only for Castlevania series, when Castlevania Portriat of Ruin comes out deff gonna get that Especially since i waited to long to buy a DS Dawn of Sorrow wasnt being made any more and impossible to find luckily i found a nice site wich was real close to me shipped in two days.

Dawn of Sorrow is quite nice, I did a review here. My son had some birthday money and wanted to buy a copy, but it *is* hard to find.

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