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Silver January 9th, 2018 22:13

Battlecursed - Early Alpha Preview
@Codex Worlds Battlecursed has a video showing off its early Alpha state.




More information.

NewDArt January 9th, 2018 22:21

Terrible name.

Why not Wardeath or Killdestroyer? ;)

fadedc January 9th, 2018 22:28


Originally Posted by NewDArt (Post 1061488770)
Terrible name.

Why not Wardeath or Killdestroyer? ;)

I guess it's all subjective, but I find the name intriguing because it makes me wonder about the curse.

But I guess if it turns out that there's no curse and they just thought it sounded cool, then that is pretty awful.

Pongo January 10th, 2018 00:14

I thought the game looked potentially good. But from their website:
"Generated labyrinths and a wide variety of quests and objectives create constantly changing adventures."
Generated labyrinths…? Interest dropped significantly.

vidder January 10th, 2018 14:58

How is the RT-combat supposed to work with four chars and moving around? Looks stressful.

screeg January 10th, 2018 15:20


Originally Posted by vidder (Post 1061488913)
How is the RT-combat supposed to work with four chars and moving around? Looks stressful.

Can't stand that style of play, but I also can't stand the animation that goes with it (and with RTWP) where the enemy just sort of flails at you, in this case at empty air, with no impact.

fadedc January 10th, 2018 16:06

Watching the trailer I did seem unusually fast paced for a game modeled after the Dungeon Master/Grimlock style. But then I usually find that combat is a big weakness in those types of games, so maybe the fast paced style will make it better. They will just have to figure out the interface, because it's not going to work to click on each character individually to attack at that speed.

Gokyabgu January 10th, 2018 18:29

I hope those were not the quests that I've seen in the upper left corner of the video. By this state this game is more like a make your own dungeon with generic quests programme it seems. In my book auto generated dungeons and quests are equal to laziness.

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