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Pladio October 2nd, 2019 07:19


Originally Posted by Pladio (Post 1061582426)
Quick tips for newbies:
- The game doesn't tell you, but you need rations and rest otherwise you will go hungry and mad. Rations seem relatively plentiful, but just keep a couple in inventory - it autoeats when required. Resting can be done either at the inn or at camp sites for which you need camping suppliers

- The game seems to guide you into lots of quests, but the main quest's difficulty ramps up quickly, so you would need to use side quests to get slightly stronger.

- Some people leave after you speak to them, so seems to me it's worth exhausting conversation options when you can, but not sure about this.

So, I have been playing a bit more now and I am getting a hang of the game. I think its weakest point is the combat. I am a big fan of TB combat, but this one is slow and has very little variety. There are no special attacks unless you play a spellcaster.

The story is quite interesting and well done for my first pass at it. It seems like I can't open many containers, which may or may not be my fault for not knowing how to do it (maybe I need the crowbar I sold or subterfuge skill). I like the quests and they seem to have lots f ways to be solved as I have 3 skills I am using a lot at the moment and I sometimes have two additional dialogue choices based on these.

I would also say that I think I may have done something which will backfire tremendously but we'll see.

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