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Dhruin December 27th, 2006 04:39

Dark And Light - Free Access
Farlan has announced they are offering a free access to Dark and Light. Here's the mailout we received:

No access fees, no subscription…Dark and Light Game Access becomes free*!http://www.darkandlight.net/gamelett…mages/vide.gif
Dark and Light, new access mode revealed: Discovery Mode
Come back to Ganareth and invite your friends to join you in this adventure!

Itís all very simple: All you need to start playing is a valid Dark and Light Forum account.

Itís free: As soon as your forum account is activated, you can start playing immediately for free.

No time limit: This access is active for the whole lifetime of Dark and Light.

Whatís the trick? No trick, just the goal to give most players the chance to start an unlimited adventure in the world of Ganareth.

>From the 10th level, the gamer continues the adventure with no limit but he cannot collect more XP points (Fighting, Social, and Craft).
If he decides to keep progressing though Ganareth, he will have to buy a Dark and Light activation key and will have to choose to be either a Freedom or a Master player.

For more information about the different offers available of Dark and Light, click here.
Master and Freedom offers FAQ.

I want to start the Discovery mode: click here

New starting zones revealed, new tribe gameplay… Read the lastest patch content

You know all now…See you soon in the lands of Ganareth !

More information.

Reyla December 27th, 2006 04:40

Think Trial of the Isle for Everquest 2.

You can play the same game as subscribers but with limitations.

The comparisons stop there, though. EQ2 has years left in its life cycle. Dark and Light does not.

Nobody December 27th, 2006 18:42

I got this email. Ironic though that it was sent directly to my junk email folder by the spam filter heh.

Hedek December 27th, 2006 20:14

Just curious, why would you not even want to give this trial a chance ? I heard the release of that game was very catastrophic but perhaps the game got a bit better since ? Reyla, remember how AO started, it's still around, several years later.

Nobody December 27th, 2006 23:44


Originally Posted by Hedek (Post 14021)
Just curious, why would you not even want to give this trial a chance ? I heard the release of that game was very catastrophic but perhaps the game got a bit better since ? Reyla, remember how AO started, it's still around, several years later.

The difference is though, AO was pretty good but very buggy. D&L is not good, and very buggy. There's simply nothing interesting about the game, free trial isn't gonna help.

Dhruin December 28th, 2006 03:34

I think the developers are incompetent and bordering on dishonest, so I wouldn't touch it with a 50-foot pole.

Reyla December 28th, 2006 05:25

I did try it.

I downloaded and patched to the latest build two days ago. I used every criteria I could think of to find something positive about the game.

HellRazor December 28th, 2006 19:20

What I don't understand is how you can post this announcement without commentary after you previously advised everyone to stay far away due to the billing issues people were experiencing (some of whom never even signed up for an account!)

How about an update on that whole situation? I certainly wouldn't want to be led into signing up for a "free" trial by this announcement if there are issues with people being falsely billed for services they didn't even ask for…

Hamsternator December 29th, 2006 13:30

I agree totally with HellRazor - posting news designed from the sender to entice people towards a game should include a warning from the Watch, if past experience shows the company has been a problem child.

Dark and Light has a LOT going for it on paper, so news like this might draw people who are not familiar with the horrific game that emerged from the design docs, the added problems regarding support, and not least the rather frivolous management of people's accounts Farlan and connected parties have exhibited.

To sum up for those new to DnL: Stay well clear of this one, people. Not only is the execution of the ideas in the design doc piss poor, but the devs are either incompetent (and/)or thieving bastards, concerning debiting people after cancellation, not refunding due amounts, shutting down all communication after a number of non-resolved complaints etc…

txa1265 January 10th, 2007 15:55

There is further admonishment at MMORPG.com, such as:


there is no way to completely cancel/erase your account using the dark and light website, you can switch to freedom package but that will cost 9.99$, but after that there is no monthly cost.
you do switch to freedom package here:
There are other ways to "cancel" your account but those ways are not official and they cant be found on this website.
Really, REALLY stay away from this from the sounds of it …

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