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Wesp5 February 19th, 2014 15:48

Unofficial Patch 1.8 released!
Thanks to Danko Simmons I was able to fix some more quest issues! Find the changelog below and the patch at The Patches Scrolls: http://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/3211/60987

v1.8 11.02.2014
Fixed dialogue issues of Leemin and Grayson, thanks to Danko Simons.
Made Kasterley in the BBK mediate with Free Traders multiple times.
Set weight of all undroppable quest items to 0.01 to avoid problems.

john.26 April 6th, 2014 20:16

Thank you!

DONKEYARSE February 21st, 2017 22:00

Thanks Wesp5 !

Great to see this game on steam ,hopefully it get some new modders interested too.

"No content available"

Get it from here:

Wesp5 February 22nd, 2017 00:49

Yeah, that link is outdated. The correct one is: http://www.patches-scrolls.de/game/3211/7

ronok September 16th, 2017 13:12

Thanks a lot!

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