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Lucky Day November 9th, 2009 17:56

No "NWVault" for Dragon Age.
I alerted Maximus at NWVault on the NWN Premium Mods no longer being for sale as DLC so I took the opportunity to ask him about a Dragon Age Vault


There currently arenít any plans for a DAVault..

[email protected]
NWVault Site Administrator
What seems likely is that Social Site of Bio's will host them (someone smarter than me might already know if this is already the case) otherwise I could foresee DA mods just showing up on The Vault deliberately mislabeled.

aries100 November 9th, 2009 23:51

Yes, that may be the case. And I do think that this is also Bioware's (and EA's) plan.

But where do the mods go that EA and Bioware don't like e.g. the more adult-oriented mods. I strongly suspect that EA and Bioware will monitor the mod content created by the modders this time around, and like EA did with Spore?, delete things they (EA) don't like.

Well, hopefully some modders will make a DA Vault…

Lucky Day November 10th, 2009 00:32

It was one of the brilliant moves by Bioware IMO, to allow a third party to host the mods on the Vault.

That way they didn't have to monitor every of thing that got uploaded and didn't have to deal with a bunch of cease and desist orders and law suit threats over IP.

NWVault only took down anything that they received complaints about and music. Only the Star Wars mod caught anyone's eye enough to get noticed, and that was at the release of KotOR.

The other factor they don't have to worry about is the storage.

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