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Zloth September 29th, 2009 05:48

Music interview trailer

Blood, dark, blood blood, Lord Darkity Dark from planet Darkington with a bloody nose. But once they finish giving the 12-year-olds in EA marketing their due, the interview gets good.

Wulf September 29th, 2009 22:44

Here's what i wrote in another thread (Soundtrack by Inon Zur) newsbit.

Inon Zur's work can sometimes sound cluttered, he overlays tracks that are out of unison (delayed syncopation) he often uses 'attack' in backgrounds which leads to a muddled mid sound stage mass of unseperables, he obviously does this for 'emphasis' - but as we all know, emphasis can come from sweeter quiet periods as well. In other words, he can sometimes overdo it, he tries to fit in more than is sufficient.
Just my two pence opinion as a listener.
A bit critical and subjective on my part (and was all related to Dragon age - no other - i should have mentioned this) Inon Zurs ability was never in question. Indeed the application demands the requirement as he clearly indicates in that link, he has to go along with Bioware's instructions.

Here's some Icewind Dale soundtracks for comparison and shows Inon Zurs composer 'flexibility'.

Targos Town


Prince of Persia (with Stuart Chatwood)

Fallout 3 theme

danutz_plusplus October 7th, 2009 19:53


Originally Posted by Wulf (Post 1060973417)
Here's some Icewind Dale soundtracks for comparison and shows Inon Zurs composer 'flexibility'.


IWD1's soundtrack was done by Jeremy Soule not Zur. :)

Wulf October 9th, 2009 10:59

Yes, they were just randomly selected. Actually Soule and Zur together made some great soundtracks, very good compositions but can't remember which.

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