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Silver November 26th, 2020 23:30

Greedfall - Sold One Million & Getting New Content
Spiders have tweeted that Greedfall has sold 1 million worldwide and will be getting new content.


GreedFall has sold over one million copies worldwide. Thank you so much for making the journey this incredible! Following our community's feedback, Teer Fradee is now coming to next-gen consoles and getting new additional content. Stay tuned!

More information.

skally_wag November 27th, 2020 00:31

Good for them, been waiting for this to go on sale, looks like it's probably a good time to pick it up.

Zloth November 27th, 2020 00:50

I was actually just about to start playing it! There's a "sign up here for beta test" topic on the Steam forums for a fix that seems to have never made it into the main version, so I'm a bit worried about the game.

The tweet isn't very clear, though. Will the new content ONLY be for the next gen consoles? Hope we get a proper announcement soon.

Kylex November 27th, 2020 08:09

Very surprising news.

I stopped playing to wait for a bigger patch that never got released.
Game was released on September 10th 2019, last patch was on October 31st 2019…

Morrandir November 27th, 2020 10:33

Hm… could be that they've reached some milestone with their new project Steelrising and have some free resources to go back to Greedfall.
Or they just want to appear again in the news to prepare the PR campaign for Steelrising. Seems a little early fopr this though.

Hurls November 27th, 2020 11:08

I personally very much enjoyed it. I thought it was underrated and I, for one, are looking forward to more content.

porcozaur November 27th, 2020 11:56

Finished it in march i think and already forgot what happens in it lol

Hastar November 27th, 2020 15:49

I really enjoyed the exploring and the look of the Island. The story didn't keep my attention and the quests were hit and miss. I did enjoy the combat but the creatures on the island were average and could have used more variety. I lasted about 30 hours before I moved on.

Morrandir November 27th, 2020 15:52


Originally Posted by porcozaur (Post 1061622385)
Finished it in march i think and already forgot what happens in it lol

You went to an island and your brother got ill.

yemeth November 27th, 2020 16:23

Another game I should go back and complete. Played this one right after finishing Technomancer only to get burned out and uninstalled it

Couchpotato November 27th, 2020 18:18

The news it sold one million copies was announced earlier this year already. As for the new console version with added content, I'm mildly interested but not surprised.

As other older games are getting graphic upgrade for the newer consoles as well.

wolfgrimdark November 27th, 2020 20:42

This is interesting. I loved the game myself. It was a GOTY contender for me.

JDR13 November 28th, 2020 00:03

Was good but not great imo. The endgame really seemed to drag for me, and I was glad when I finished it. It would take a very significant amount of new content for me to ever replay it.

Irien November 28th, 2020 00:38

I have a feeling that the new content will be to justify an "ultimate edition" re-release on PS5/Xbox Series. By including new content, they will be able to say it is new, and therefore not an auto-update from the last-gen versions.

Translation - buy our game again on your next gen consoles!

I hope I am wrong - I got about half way through it originally, and wouldn't mind a next gen update to continue playing.

FurtiveNyctophile November 28th, 2020 03:49

Greedfall was/is great. It's one of those games that I played for a couple dozen hours, got distracted by something else, and will return to one day; probably with a new playthrough.

FizzyShellfish November 29th, 2020 00:47

I found this game really, really dull. So much running back and forth, so many buildings that all look the same. Dark, brown, gray and dull.

Couchpotato November 29th, 2020 04:15

Heads up guys the game is getting an expansion as well.

Lesquin (France), November 26, 2020 – Following the success of GreedFall, which sold more than a million copies in less than a year, and considering the enthusiasm of all those who travelled the rich lands of Teer Fradee, NACON and Focus Home Interactive are happy to announce a new partnership aiming to expand the game with new content, as well as a release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

The two companies have thus reached an agreement, in which Focus Home Interactive will be in charge of the publishing of the upcoming additional content and expansion, as well as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of GreedFall. The GreedFall brand is now integrated as part of the NACON portfolio.

Released September 10, 2019, GreedFall is an RPG experience in which you explore uncharted lands seeping with magic, filled with secrets and fantastic creatures. With diplomacy, deception and force, influence a living world… and forge your destiny.
Link - https://www.gamebanshee.com/news/124…announced.html

JDR13 November 29th, 2020 05:06

Seems to me that's probably the new content hinted at in the tweet.

Couchpotato November 29th, 2020 05:17

The tweet barely had any details. This is part of the press release. Anyway new content can mean anything for console upgrades. Now we know it's a full expansion also.

JDR13 November 29th, 2020 05:19

Sure, I'm just saying that's probably what was being referred to in the tweet.

Couchpotato November 29th, 2020 05:25

On a side note has more information been released on Steelrising their next RPG project yet? All I remember is the short trailer set in an alternative French Revolution.

You play a female cyborg also according to the information available.

Pladio November 29th, 2020 11:20


Originally Posted by Couchpotato (Post 1061622638)
Heads up guys the game is getting an expansion as well.
Link - https://www.gamebanshee.com/news/124…announced.html

Thanks Potato. I was about to buy it and start playing, but seeing as I have waited this long, I may as well wait for it to be a complete edition. :)

henriquejr November 29th, 2020 13:43

I was about to get Greedfall this Steam Autumn Sale, since it reached its historical lowest price. But after reading this thread, I also decided to wait a little longer.

rune_74 December 1st, 2020 20:25

This is coming on gamepass this month.

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