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Dhruin June 11th, 2007 10:44

Loki - German Review @ Eurogamer.de
Nokturnal wrote in to point out a German review of Loki, with Eurogamer.de handing down a lowly 5/10. My Google-fu says they called it a "weak" action/RPG and found it repetitive, with some levels simply mirror-images of others.
More information.

Prime Junta June 11th, 2007 10:44

Whoo, finally German simple enough for me to understand, and funnily written too, very much in the Eurogamer idiom.

In a very brief summary, the critic dubbed it a "boredom generator," and said that about two-three more years of polishing and fine tuning à la Blizzard could have saved it, but as it is, it's an immediately forgettable POS, and the worst of the action-RPG offerings currently on the market.

The graphics are bad and badly glitched (low-rez textures, clipping problems, poor surface effects, low poly counts), performance is sluggish, the art direction is ugly, the AI is brainless (does a lemming rush, then gets stuck on corners where it can get whumped with range attacks), there's a severe lack of game balance (about one hit of your strongest weapon will dispatch any foe), the levels are auto-generated but repetitive, the quests are nothing beyond "Bring me the Ring of Endless Boredom" or "Kill Fuchtelfred the Hörrible," and the average level takes about two minutes on average to clean out.

I guess the score of 5/10 is from the good idea that's buried somewhere underneath -- the different characters starting from different points that play differently but can be developed with great flexibility. 'Cuz reading the text it sounds more like a 3/10.

The reviewer's advice is to pass on this and play Titan Quest instead. Or good ole Diablo.

Gorath June 11th, 2007 14:47

Don´t value the reviewer´s opinion too highly. This guy worked at Gamestar for a couple of years. It´s quite well known that he can be pretty moody at times.

AFAIR he was the one who got one of the main character´s name wrong in his Restricted Area review.

Avantenor June 11th, 2007 15:30

But this review seems to be more convinicing to me than 4Players. The guy at 4Players had a whole bunch of negative criterias in his summary and is still giving it 83%? That was not convinicing, even if 4players don't even try to give a neutral review.

txa1265 June 11th, 2007 15:37


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 31407)
AFAIR he was the one who got one of the main character´s name wrong in his Restricted Area review.

I can't fault him on that, because as I noted in my GamerDad review:


There are numerous bugs <…> one that had my ‘Victoria' being called ‘Jessica' by everyone for the second half of the game.

daddom June 11th, 2007 17:00

Well I can only confirm what they say at Eurogames. This game has hit the markt much too early. In it's current state it's not worth it's price.

Sir_Brennus June 11th, 2007 18:33


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 31407)
Don´t value the reviewer´s opinion too highly. This guy worked at Gamestar for a couple of years. It´s quite well known that he can be pretty moody at times.

AFAIR he was the one who got one of the main character´s name wrong in his Restricted Area review.

Hey, it was "Quick" Mick Schnelle who called "Night watch" to be "too hard for this world". Well, I had some things to improve about NW, but it was easy by any and especially Jagged Alliance standards.

Also, he gave Wizardry 8 75/100 points. That's pretty telling, I'd say…

magerette June 11th, 2007 20:10

So, anyone played the game?

To me it has good ideas and a promising setting, but if it's as technically flawed as described. it could end up as another Restricted Area--one of the worst games I ever played.

Rendelius June 11th, 2007 22:03

It's shit. I don't know how to put it more politely.

txa1265 June 11th, 2007 22:12


Originally Posted by Rendelius (Post 31471)
It's shit. I don't know how to put it more politely.

It may not be polite, but it is concise ;)

German_reader June 11th, 2007 23:00

Game not finished yet
Unfortunately i bought this game a few days ago. Even after patching it to Version 1.1 i can safely say that this game isn't really enjoyable in it's current state. It comes with the invasive copy protection "Star Force" which i thought didn't exist anymore because of the much deserved bad publicity. Don't get me wrong, the game has potential, you can definitely see this when playing it, you just can't enjoy it because of the technical flaws. The loading times are far to big for the relatively small areas which are just packed with an insane amount of monsters, playing through those levels equals painting a complete red minimap (red from the enemies) white. There is little to no diversity in the levels yet, only 2-3 alternating tiles that make up the map. And it's always like that.
But let me be a little bit more specific on the technical flaws:
All MultiCore-Processor-Owners (Which shouldn't be a rarity these days) are experiencing problems in the game, you character walks while standing still and glides on the ground standing still while walking. And then there is a huge repeating in-game lag, each one lasting 2-5 seconds, in a singleplayer-game? This is limited to Multiple-Core-Processor-Users, which brings me to the conlusion that the programmers just forgot about multi-core-machines. This is a bit sad. The Menu is generally very unresponsive and also makes you feel like you are playing an MMORPG with a ping of 700 ms. The only thing making you want more is collecting more powerful items. Ah yes, the item-system is really a gem, compared to the technical execution of this game. All items differ from each other and directly appear on your character, you can change the material of, say, an armor from iron to silver and directly see the texture of the armor on your character change from dull rust-brown to more shiny silver. Really nice.
But there are too many flaws that make you forget this nice things. Quests don't finish when killing bosses, making you start the whole (very long) Storyline over, extremely repetitive levels with the same enemies over and over (in a huge amount) and constant lagging/unresponsiveness on a modern machine (core2duo e6600, 2 gigs ram and a 7950 gt). I hope for the best, but i fear that the flaws of this game are beyond mere patching. It had huge potential and really nice gadgets, like the items-display on your character or the bestiarium, where you can look at any monster slain yet, they are really unique compared to similar games. But the game is unfortunately looking like a rush-job feels like it is missing essential parts of the engine or story itself. You can see that the programmers originally intended it to be more. It's really a shame.

Greetings from Germany

magerette June 12th, 2007 08:14

Thanks for posting your experience with the game, German_reader.(and to Rendelius for his cogent summing up :) ) If the game runs that poorly on the system you describe, I don't see much hope for it. One of the things--no, all of the things -- I hated most in Restricted Area and a few other hack-n-slash knockoffs (HUGE monster spawns, identical levels, broken quests, lag and poor performance, etc) all seem to be present and to me outweigh the good intentions.

Too bad. Rush jobs are getting to be the norm and frankly, I don't get it. Yes, it's frustrating to wait for a game, and I imagine frustrating for publishers to not have games meet their deadlines, but it's surely worse in the long run to release an incomplete game that won't sell a fraction of what it should have. Makes no sense to me. o_O

Dark Savant June 13th, 2007 17:45

I guess the french version of the game is also released, since there is already a patch for it.

txa1265 June 13th, 2007 17:57

This is just unfortunate … I had been hoping for some nice light fare, but nobody needs more unfinished crap.

Icefire June 13th, 2007 18:22


Originally Posted by Rendelius (Post 31471)
It's shit.

We're all friends here. No need to hold back. Say how you really feel.

Dark Savant June 25th, 2007 22:56

There is a new patch for the German Version

info and download - http://www.iphpbb.com/board/ftopic-1…82467-188.html

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