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Dhruin January 26th, 2011 23:39

Mount&Blade - With Fire and Sword Preview, Screens
There's a preview of Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword at The Escapist, although it appears based on available information rather than hands-on:

While some (myself included) might miss the fictional setting of Calradia, it seems that the community responds the most to the real-world accuracy of Warband. To that end, Yazbeck is busy adding features to the strategic level of play that will make With Fire and Sword seem more realistic. Instead of villages and towns just being places you go to "beg for babies" as what Yazbeck called recruiting soldiers, there will be structures you can build such as universities, smithies and even banks. Banks will be able to issue loans, which will come in handy for those who play the game as a complex economic sim. Don't welch on those loans though, the banks will post bounties on the heads of people who don't pay them back.
You can also grab some screens at Worthplaying and for those into Kinect, here's an article on playing Mount & Blade with motion control and head tracking.
More information.

redman5427 January 26th, 2011 23:39

I might be tempted to finally pick this up
Does anyone know if the core game and/or Warband is included?

Nerevarine January 27th, 2011 00:52


Originally Posted by redman5427 (Post 1061046622)
I might be tempted to finally pick this up
Does anyone know if the core game and/or Warband is included?

I believe that With Fire and Sword will be a stand-alone expansion, meaning that you will not need M&B or the Warband expansion and they also will not be included with purchase.

I highly recommend giving M&B a chance if you haven't already. If you like the gameplay, it will potentially give you hundreds of hours of sandbox goodness.

Tragos January 27th, 2011 10:45

Mount & Blade with guns? it doesn't sound nice , they have an excellent melee combat why turning this into a renaissance fallout ?

From what i read in the official site people are not willing to pay full price for what looks like a mod .

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