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Ergonpandilus April 12th, 2009 20:07


This mod will fix some errors in localization and gameplay. And it will also fix
those aspects of the game I didn't find quite balanced.

Main Features:
+ Localization fixes (translation)
+ Special abilities fixed (according to desc.) and xp costs adjusted to follow the prices.
+ New equipments
+ Alterations to existing items (to add more variation)
+ Faster but harder treat wounds and -poisons
+ Little bit harder gameplay
+ Better dodge and crossbow bolts
+ Special Dark -beer restores decent amount of ED now (5 -> 15).
+ Specialized mages
+ Much darker dungeons
+ Tougher fights
+ Faster gameplay (faster running speed for everyone!)
+ Better summoned minions
…And lot of other things, see the changelog.

Just execute "Install.bat" anywhere and start new game.

If install_ergo's_fixpack.bat cannot locate your game folder try replacing these lines:

if not exist %pfad%\static.db4 FOR /F "tokens=2* " %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\DTP\Drakensang" /v target_folder') DO SET dsroot=%%B\export
FOR /F "tokens=2* " %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\DTP\Drakensang" /v version') DO SET version=%%B

with these:

SET dsroot=c:\my_example_directory\drakensang\export
SET version=1.03

Execute "Uninstall.bat"

Witch Hat and Witch Robe.

All the new items.

v1.80 Final
- New icons for my items by Zalpha
- Added The Witch Hat (*5)
- Fixed some issues with install.bat
- Changed hit zones to follow P&P rules (*11)

- Few more localization fixes
- Lowered starting weapon talent values
- Tuned character advantages
* Thief "Perception Bonus" (overlapping with Danger Sense) changed to Streetwise bonus
* Added "Two-handed Swords Bonus" to Soldier, was having no bonus
* Added "Vitality Penalty" to Alchemist
* Added "Perception Penalty" and "Dwarfnose Penalty" to Mercenary
* Added "Artisan Talents Penalty" to Warrior
* And fixed character descriptions to follow the advantages
- Increased Battlemage talent value in Staves by +2
- Fixed some modding script bugs

- Updated the installer batch for both languages
- Added option to installer for setting path for Drakensang folder manually

- Removed Higher maximum values for attributes (buggy)
- Fixed Light of Praios -scimitar having wrong animation for REAL
- Minor localization fixes

v1.72 (hotfix)
- Fixed Light of Praios -scimitar having wrong animation
- Removed extra lines from localization changes.
- Added french translation (by Numberouane)

- Higher maximum values for attributes, including PCs (+1)
- Heavy Iryan Leather Greaves matching to Iryan Armor (by Damar Stiehl)
- Fixed loot table (by Qendivardo) from german patch.
- Summons balanced! (*10)
- Added new game icon for shortcut
- Script cleaning and minor bug fixes

v1.62 (hotfix)
- Fix: Some static monsters/npcs got easier instead of getting tougher.
- Faster +25% running speed for everyone (including npcs and monsters)

- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Pick Lock items talent bonuses changed *3)
- Monsters: +25% vitality (ex. 400 -> 500)
- NPCs: +25% to attack value (AT)
- NPCS: +20% to parry and dodge values (PA/DV)
- NPCS: +10% to magic resistance (MR)
- Level cap increased to 25
- More experience points, +15%
- Witch trees will have additional parry per round

- Much darker dungeons
- Advantages and disadvantages of fullmages totally changed *9)
- Same for party member mages too (Jost and Gwendala)
- Lower starting values for magic talents. Still same as before if specialized.
- Bandage and Golmoon Tea are now 2.5x more expensive.
- Weapon balsam charges increased to 50
- Whetstone DP increased to +2
- Minor bugfixing and sql script cleaning

- Lot of localization fixes related to special ability descriptions
- Major changes to special abilities' XP costs *7)
- Offensive- and Defensive Combat abilities bonuses lowered (+1,+2 and +4).
- Master Parry texts fixed and ED cost reduced to 10 (from 15)
- Master Throw will have proper learn price, different requirements and will also cause a wound
- Power Throw will now stun and ignore armor. *8) Was just weaker version of Master Throw.
- Miscellaneous small fixes related to Special abilities
- Changed monsters' Sweep Attacks to be dodged only (no parry)
- Added PA(and DV) penalty to some monster special attacks
- Removed XP gain penalty, due the new balance changes and feedback from users

v1.31 (hotfix)
- Fixed items not showing in stores
- Removed test script

- XP gain fine tune to -20%
- Special Dark -beer now restores 15 ED instead of 5.
- Klarum Purum and Balm of Healing -spells have casting time according to P&P rules
- Changed party member attributes to -1 to follow better P&P archetypes
- Leather Arm Greaves #1 has now new graphics and 0.2 encumbrance
- Leather Arm Greaves #2 has new name "Elven Arm Greaves" with a bit higher price
- Added LOT(!) of new items *5). All with unique icons (and some even with unused model)
- All types of bolts have been improved *6)

- More localization fixes
- Changed all healing and pick locks talent items *3)
- Total XP gain lowered even more to -25%
- All party members will have 2 points lower attributes
- Changed new visuals, +1 to HP and new description to Cultist's Dagger
- Added a new dagger to shop in Ferdok *4)

- Fixed Hair Pin text from previous version
- Fixed crash related to regeneration bonus
- Changed the crafted iron shield according to non-crafted iron shield
- More localization fixes
- Total Xp gain lowered by -15%, thus making the game much harder(!) in every aspect
- Decreased the vitality and the astral energy regeneration during combat even more
- Added +3 DV to every player character to boost up the dodge
- Added small +DV bonus to few existing items
- Added Pendant of Phex (*2) in loot during the main quest
- Chance to find Bandages or Golmoon Teas from loot decreased to 20% of what it was
- Healing Salve bonus to Treat Wounds set +2 (was +4)
- All main quest weapons are now wieldable by all party members too

- Most shields receive additional -1 AT, thus making the game a bit harder
- Total conversion with shields, all 12 are now different (*1)
- Vitality and astral energy regenerate 50% slower
- As slow regeneration in combat as monsters have
- Archetype +/-regen factor changed to only affect when in combat
- Bandage bonus to Treat Wounds set 0 (was +1)
- Whirlweed bonus to Treat Poisons set to 0 (was +1)
- Golmoon Leaf bonus to Treat Wounds set to 0 (was +1)
- Golmoon Tea bonus to Treat Poisons set to +1 (was +3)
- Hair Pin bonus to Pick Locks set to 0 (without pin, penalty is -10)
- Wounds are harder to resist, the penalty increased from -10 to -12 (-10% to chance).
- Skinning and herb gather is now MUCH faster, 1 round instead of 4
- All main quest armor pieces are wearable by all party members
- Small localization fixes (ex. 1W+4 -> 1D+4)

*1) List of the shields:

*2) Pendant of Phex:

*3) Talent bonuses from items:

*4) Dagger of the Night: 1D+3 (1/0)

*5) New Items

*6) Improved Crossbow Bolts

*7) Special Ability costs

*8) New Power Throw

*9) Specialist Mages

*10) Balanced Summons

*11) P&P Hit Zones

Old values are in the brackets. Basically limbs are now more vulnerable, but head and belly are not getting hits so easily.

Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/ovYBXEgS…pack_v180.html or http://games.softpedia.com/get/Patch…Fix-Pack.shtml

Dhruin April 13th, 2009 00:03

Thanks, Ergopad. What does "Advantages and disadvantages of fullmages totally changed *9)" mean?

Dasale April 13th, 2009 00:20

And in fact what mean all (*x) I suppose they refer to notes but there's none. Also is there a site for this mod or is it just a freeware virus?

Ergonpandilus April 13th, 2009 01:06

No site, so it must be a virus then :p I usually dwell in Drakensang's official modding forum.

I copied that changelog from my readme.txt. There is actually huge list of *) references in there. Download and read more.

For fullmages' advantages and disadvantages, here's list:

+2 to Battle magic
-2 to Healing magic

+2 to Summoning magic
-2 to Attribute magic

Healing Mage
+2 to Healing magic
-2 to Domination magic

+2 to Summoning magic
-2 to Battle magic

+2 to Attribute magic
-2 to Battle magic

+2 to Domination magic
-2 to Summoning magic

Kostas April 13th, 2009 01:23


Originally Posted by Dasale (Post 1060943286)
And in fact what mean all (*x) I suppose they refer to notes but there's none. Also is there a site for this mod or is it just a freeware virus?

Are you always this hostile to everything made by fans?
For Christs sake give this man some credit and stop being always so negative.

Avantenor April 13th, 2009 15:33

To continue the postings on gamebanshee forums, what would you need to get the package compatible with the german (or french, or polish) version? Most obvious, a german version doesn't need the localisation fixes. But the rest could also be interesting for the rest of the world.

joxer April 13th, 2009 16:02

If I may ask…

Why is this called "fixpack"?

Fixpack in other games was usually a collection of 3rd party fixes for bugs. And only that. Nothing more and nothing less.
But here I see some questionable stuff included that changes the game design itself. I mean… Weapon balm set to 50 charges… Excuse me? That fixes… What exactly?
As for darker dungeons was that really necessary? Many players use GammaAdjuster (google for it) because of the odd behavior of some other games (example: Book of Echalon I) so what could we possibly gain from this?

Sorry friend, but I won't install this one. The game has its flaws, and I admire you for correcting some of those. But installing the whole mod would mean getting some additional stuff that I don't see as a bug. And I'm unsure if the game designers wanted those to be included.

Don't get me wrong. The whole thing is definetly a nice job, however I simply don't like mods that add stuff.

wolfing April 13th, 2009 17:29

I do appreciate the work done. Maybe you could make it two parts. The fixes in one and the improvements in another one. The fixes could be applied by everybody while the improvements would be more optional. Many people like to play the game the first time as it was intended (I played Oblivion my first time without any mods). I would certainly use "Ergo's Fixpack" for my second run.

Ergonpandilus April 13th, 2009 18:07

Well the pack "fixes" issues that bothered me and the other people. Maybe on next release, I will add options when installing the package…

Cm April 13th, 2009 18:40

Will this be usable for english version of game and will it mess up a game already in progress? sorry if this info is somewhere and I missed it.

Ergonpandilus April 13th, 2009 19:19

This is actully ONLY for english version and it won't mess your game, though you won't get all the changes unless you start a fresh game.

skavenhorde April 13th, 2009 19:43

I've been playing it for a bit now and I like the darker dungeons. It actually gives me a reason to cast my light spell.

As for the other fixes, they're working great and do make the game more interesting. My Battlemage just had to deal with a penalty with his social, not that big a deal, but with his healing spells nerfed instead of social it makes it more sensible.

Great job Ergo and have a nice break. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Dasale April 14th, 2009 10:04


Originally Posted by Kostaz (Post 1060943292)
Are you always this hostile to everything made by fans?
For Christs sake give this man some credit and stop being always so negative.

Lol stop being ridiculous, Ergonpandilus clearly understood the little joke, if you don't then you are a blatant idiot or just hate me, well ok fine it's not really important. :)

Alrik Fassbauer April 15th, 2009 15:14


Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus (Post 1060943353)
Well the pack "fixes" issues that bothered me and the other people. Maybe on next release, I will add options when installing the package…

Well, in my opinion, the word "fixpack" should be still exclusive to REAL, official patches, not fan-made ones.

Next, anyone who makes a mod calls it a "fixpack", too … Dark times …

Ergonpandilus April 15th, 2009 15:27

Shut the fuck up. The thread clearly says MOD and even morons like you should understand that. If it would be official, wouldn't it be called PATCH?!!

Dasale April 15th, 2009 17:15


Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus (Post 1060943588)
Shut the fuck up. The thread clearly says MOD and even morons like you should understand that. If it would be official, wouldn't it be called PATCH?!!

No reason to take your horse, really. And AF isn't that wrong, fixpack is often used for official stuff, they mean often a collection of patch, a known example of this are the windows one. But you are right in the context of this thread and its title it's clear that this isn't an official fixpack.

Gorath April 15th, 2009 18:18


Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus (Post 1060943588)
Shut the fuck up. The thread clearly says MOD and even morons like you should understand that. If it would be official, wouldn't it be called PATCH?!!

Please stop insulting other members.

Alrik Fassbauer April 15th, 2009 19:03

IBM developed their FIXPACKS for OS/2. That was looooong before MIcrosoft would do a similar thing for their "Windows" opoerating systems, and they called them "Service Packs" instead, thus obscuring that these packs were meant to be fixing things instead of being a mere "service" to people. MS marketing speak.

Ergonpandilus April 15th, 2009 19:47

And because all this positive and constructive feedback, the link to the mod is removed.

skavenhorde April 15th, 2009 19:58

Dude Ergo, you were really cool guy helping me out even when you didn't need to. But you have to realize that profane attacks on this site are not allowed. Well thought out attacks including profanity yes, as long as it highly justified and not overused. Saying Fuck you to some …NO….saying Bullshit to an idea…yes….See the difference. There is a little leaway if the person being attacked is a troll and will not listen at all to many posts or give any kind of contructive feedback. I'm not a mod, but this is the general feeling I get overhere. Everyone is human and some of us have a breaking point, but dude you didn't even come close to it. You just lashed out.

Alrik is a good guy and to go off on him like that was a bit extreme. He was just giving his point of view afterall.

You even removed the link on the DTP site? Why? I don't think many of us even go there. I hadn't noticed anyone else over there yet, maybe they just lurk, but anyways your taking it away from DTP too? Man you must be a little tired or something and one last thing dude, don't be like that guy who takes his ball and goes home if something doesn't go his way. My 1st graders do that. I think you're a bit more emotionally stable than a first grader.

Well whatever. I still have it and I'll rapidshare it in the morning. For anyone still interested in a great mod.

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