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Role-Player December 14th, 2006 01:58

The Bard's Tale (PC) - Unlockable content?
Currently playing (I should say forcing myself to play) the Bard's Tale for the PC, there are a couple of things I've noticed that I can't access or unlock. Browsing through the game's menus there is a section of unlockable content which I have no idea how to unlock. I've been told by some people that I need to give money at the church but after having spent 2,500+ on it I still have not unlocked anything.

Also, I heard the game is supposed to ship with the three original Bard's Tales games but I can't find them anywhere though I made a Full Install.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

booyah_boy December 14th, 2006 02:12

Taken directly from MysticWierdo's FAQ.

The Extras in the main menu are unlocked by making Large donations to any of the priests in the game. (Thanks to XeroFireDragonBlazer for making the post where I learned this.) You need to save the game for these to remain unlocked after a power cycle. You're able to exit without saving, load a game and save it to preserve the currently unlocked extras but to unlock more you'll need to make all previous donations again.

I've determined the required number of Large donations for most of the extras:

1 Movie: Introduction
2 Song: Beer, Beer, Beer
4 Art Gallery 1
6 Art Gallery 2
10 Movie: Bard's Tale Logo
15 Song: Bad Luck - Ogan
20 Art Gallery 3
25 Song: Bad Luck - Wolves
30 Art Gallery 4
35 Song: Bad Luck - Minion
40 Movie: InXile Logo
45 Art Gallery 5
50 Song: Bad Luck - Jail
60 Art Gallery 6
70 Art Gallery 7
80 Song: Tale of the Nukelavee
100 Song: Here's to the Bard
120 Art Gallery 8
140 Art Gallery 9
160 Song: You're a Fooling One
180 Art Gallery 10
200 Song: Bad Luck - Lava Life
220 Song: Bad Luck - Lava Death
220 Song: Bad Luck - Bard
260 Art Gallery 11
500 Movie: Ending 2
600 Movie: Ending 1
700 Movie: Ending 3

If you're going to unlock the extras, make sure you do so prior to getting on the raft in the Firbolg Mines. After this point the only accessible priest is the one wandering about the world map, who only accepts a single donation before you have to exit the map and track him down again.

NOTE: 10 Medium or 100 Small donations can be substituted for 1 Large donation. Thank to tigerbtl for making the post suggesting this possibility. If your charisma is high enough the Small donation will be free but the downside is that it would take 150 Hours instead of 1.5 Hours to unlock everything.

PC VERSION Difference: Robert Morley has reported that the extra can be unlocked faster at the kirk in West Dounby: "I've been able to determine how much larger the "Large gift" is at the West Dounby Kirk: it costs 5 times a normal "Large gift", but gives you the equivalent of 8 "Large gifts" elsewhere (i.e. 30 Large gifts gets you from Art Gallery 11 to Movie Ending 2)." This is only valid for the PC version, Xbox and PS2 player will need to suffer through the longer donation process.

Role-Player December 14th, 2006 02:15

Thanks for the reply, booyah_boy :)

I remember making several donations at Houton and saving the game only to check at the initial menus if I had unlocked anything but I didn't. I'll try it again later on.

booyah_boy December 14th, 2006 08:17

Don't mention it.
I remember slogging through The Bard's Tale myself, and know quite well what you mean when saying you are "forcing myself to play". Good luck.

Acleacius December 14th, 2006 11:22

Have you tried to look on the Dvd?
Those movies and Artwork are in a folder, iir and are bik files so they can be played just by double clicking on them, you should also see the other games on the disk.
I haven't pulled mine out to look but will if you still can't find it and I remember to check this thread. :)

Role-Player December 14th, 2006 18:57

I'm an idiot, I guess. I can find the movies and even find some *.png image files in some of the compressed folders on the DVD; no such luck with the games.

Acleacius December 15th, 2006 00:35

Ok I pulled out my Dvd and on the disk I see an, OrginalSeriesSetup.exe.
Anything like that for you ?

Its been awhile but seems I recall it was kinda of a bug that prevented PC gamers from unlocking the content becasue they changed the map or somesuch prevnting us from accessing it freely which apparently was the casein the orginal console version.
Once I had found that out I just started cheating some gold and then realise I could skip all the damn clicking of giving donations to just look on the Dvd, doh! ;)

Role-Player December 15th, 2006 00:48

That explains it - I don't have the OriginalSeriesSetup.exe file on my DVD :/

Acleacius December 15th, 2006 02:38

I am trying to think but iir you need the Collector's Edition it been so long, but its also possible they are freeware games, not sure but someone here would know.
Not to mention the thread for games like this, i.e. the older ones, the only sticky.
If it is abandonware or freeware the thread show two of the best Underdogs and Abandoneer'

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