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Pladio April 14th, 2019 12:07

Risen 3 - First Time Help
I am thinking of starting Risen 3 and just wondering if anyone has any starting tips ?

Also, in terms of factions, Risen 2 had a really interesting Voodoo questline. Does Risen 3 factions have interesting questlines ?

I am thinking of going the Mage route as I did warrior in Risen 1, Voodoo in Risen 2.
Any thoughts ?

Philistine April 14th, 2019 14:05

From an RP perspective you are playing a different person than the first 2 games, a gruff pirate, not the educated sounding Nameless Hero. I thought the Demon Hunters were the strongest, Voodoo Pirates the most fun. Also your character can encounter Nameless if you follow the Demon Hunter path.

Maylander April 14th, 2019 14:21

You can meet the hero from Risen 1 and 2 regardless of faction.

At any rate, playing as a mage works just fine in Risen 3. In fact, all the factions have enough spells to play as one, though the Guardians have the most traditional spells.

Pladio April 14th, 2019 22:37

Thanks. I just started playing.
Is it just me or is the protagonist's voice acting horrendous ?
Melee combat is horrible as it was in Risen 2, so I'm certainly going ranged and/or magic…

ilm December 17th, 2019 23:24

And 8 months later I started. Some initial impressions:
- You get rather dropped suddenly into the game, with no telling how everything came to be. I don't think the protagonist (apparently Patty's brother) appeared in Risen 2?
- Lots of color in there. Much more than Risen 2 even
- I like you can swim again!
- Yes, the gruffy protagonist voice is rather unfitting at first. Especially against the colorful backdrop and the cheerful voice acting of Patty. I might get used to it.
- Camera movement in small spaces is really annoying. It jumps around a bit too much when turning around a corner. If I put the camera closer to our hero then the problem is less pronounced.
- the game looks good though, and runs amazing

I haven't decided which way to go yet. All islands just became available. I played voodoo in Risen 2, so I feel more like going the musket route. Although, offensive magic is also enticing. I suppose I can't have both?

Philistine December 18th, 2019 00:50

You have a companion in this game, so you can use them to balance out your skills. I was close combat (sword + pistol) through the whole game, so it is do-able that way too.

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