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Nameless one April 12th, 2014 19:09

Civilization:Beyond earth announced
Spiritual successor to Alpha centauri has been announced.
Alpha centauri was a masterpiece, let's see if this game gets close but I doubt it.


Couchpotato April 12th, 2014 21:05

Thanks for sharing the link. :thumbsup:

I only hope the game does not use Civilization 5 mechanics. I found the game to be less enjoyable than any of the other games. I eagerly await more information.

Update #1: I found a surprisingly good preview on Kotaku with more information. The game seems to be heading in a different direction than Alpha Centauri.

Link - http://kotaku.com/were-getting-a-sci…ant-1561510976

Update #2: PC Gamer has a new interview about the games Factions, aliens, and technology.

Link - http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/04/12/ci…logy-and-more/

joxer April 13th, 2014 00:09

There is a thing i disliked in Alpha Centauri. Very much.
What moron suggested that it's an awsome idea to name a NPC as:
CEO Morgan

Guess which faction I never played and always nailed first.
But other than that, yes, it was a masterpiece game.

Zloth April 14th, 2014 01:45

"Strategy game addicts have been waiting almost 15 years for another sci-fi 4X game…" Jeez, where has this guy been? Maybe he means science fiction sans space ships?

I think the really great thing about Alpha C was that you could design units. If that isn't in this game then, IMHO, this is no spiritual successor at all. It could still be fun, it just won't be AC 2.

(They are certainly welcome to remove the overload of pink on my screen, though!)

Hurls April 14th, 2014 06:37

I think my (un)favourite quote from the PG gamer article is "There's no new ideas about alien planets out there" - what rock have they been hiding under? Recent different books around that abound! The Disestablishment of Paradise and The Quantum Thief are just two examples.

ChienAboyeur April 15th, 2014 13:42

The screens scream Pandora: first contact. An interestingly failed game I intended to write a piece about.

Dont know if this one will take the same course.

Gloo April 15th, 2014 14:05


Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur (Post 1061249498)
The screens scream Pandora: first contact.

I had the same impression at first but reading about the game features, it appears to have a lot more to do with Alpha Centauri. Things like the ability to "design" our civ before actually sending it through space to settle on a planet seem to be very promising. I totally agree about Pandora, the game's full of potential but lacks of features and is too much repetitive. Fun to play still but it demands for a lot of improvements and content adding.

Arhu April 15th, 2014 15:44

While I don't really like the title ("Beyond Earth" doesn't sound very evocative compared to more universe-scaling terms), I do find the announcement pretty exciting. I suck at 4X games; I was bad at the original Civ, I was bad at Alpha Centauri, but all the same such games can really draw you in. Keeping my eyes open.

Couchpotato May 13th, 2014 21:55

I found a new developer interview from last week on game trailers.



We chat about outer space hexes, extraterrestrials, and terraforming in the latest reincarnation of Civilization.

Zloth May 14th, 2014 05:13

Interesting how there will be lots of new planets with different ecosystems. I wonder how much variety they will be able to put in?

DArtagnan May 14th, 2014 09:57

I'm just hoping they can differentiate it enough from Civ 5 - and not make it feel like a mod. I found their latest Colonization game way too "Civ" for my tastes.

greywolf00 May 14th, 2014 15:01

Colonization was always Civ like, the new remake really changed nothing about the original game.

Since this is being built from scratch, I hope they take some chances, other than altering the econ system without understanding the underlying mechanics like they did for vanilla Civ 5.

DArtagnan May 14th, 2014 15:16


Originally Posted by greywolf00 (Post 1061252899)
Colonization was always Civ like, the new remake really changed nothing about the original game.

Even so, when I played the original Colonization - it didn't feel like a mod, and it didn't look like a mod.

Couchpotato May 21st, 2014 07:57

Found another interview this time on Rock, Paper, Shotgun with Lead Designers Will Miller and David McDonough. They both claim the game is not Alpha Centauri II.

Link - http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014…ons-interview/


Someone’s finally making an Alpha Centauri successor! Kinda. Civilization: Beyond Earth takes Sid Meier’s famed turn-based strategy series (that Sid Meier only kinda works on these days) and flings it into the stars like a colonial frisbee. I got to play a little at a recent 2K preview event, but not enough to render much of a verdict other than, “I really want to see more than just the first 50 turns,” “The affinity system is neat,” “Roaming alien creatures that may or may not attack add great tension,” and “Discovering this universe will be really cool the first few times, but I doubt that part will hold up 5 or 10 games in.” It also kinda feels a lot like Civilization V at the moment, but again, I only got to play the early parts of a match.

Afterward, I stuck around and had a nice chat with co-lead (yes, co-lead) designers Will Miller and David McDonough, and we talked about why Beyond Earth really isn’t Alpha Centauri II at all, why Firaxis decided against making a direct successor to Alpha Centauri, striking a balance between old-school Civ and more “dramatic” games like Civilization Revolution, games shaping history/culture, mod support, and massive man-made brain monsters that look like jello molds.

Couchpotato May 22nd, 2014 04:53

Here is another video preview from Game Reactor.

Link- http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/12360…+Beyond+Earth/

Bengt and Arttu meet up in Santa Monica and discuss Civilization: Beyond Earth, the Civ sequel from Firaxis where players will be building an empire on a strange new planet.

Gloo May 23rd, 2014 02:33


Originally Posted by Arhu (Post 1061249515)
…I was bad at the original Civ…

If you mean the first Civ then I suggest you should give Civ 5 a try. It has come a long way since it's been patched and augmented with excellent DLCs (mainly Brave New World) and is now a much more enjoyable game :)

Arhu May 23rd, 2014 11:42


Originally Posted by Gloo (Post 1061254266)
If you mean the first Civ then I suggest you should give Civ 5 a try. It has come a long way since it's been patched and augmented with excellent DLCs (mainly Brave New World) and is now a much more enjoyable game :)

Thanks for the recommendation, but what I meant is that I'm bad with 4x games in general. I like what they offer and I can see their addictive qualities. But at some point after I start playing and having fun I usually loose interest. I'm not actually bored or anything at the time, I even still think about the fun I'm having. But I sort of gradually drift to other things. Really weird. ;)

Gloo May 23rd, 2014 14:19


Originally Posted by Arhu (Post 1061254303)
But I sort of gradually drift to other things. Really weird. ;)

Indeed :) Maybe something like Age of wonders 3 would be better suited to your weird reaction ? That's a light 4X of sort, almost without micro-management and a focus on heroes and troop development, set in a classical Fantasy world.

Couchpotato August 20th, 2014 23:22

You can now pre-purchase the game on Steam, and they offer two versions.

Sid Meier's Civilization®: Beyond Earth is Now Available for Pre-Purchase.

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is a new science-fiction-themed entry into the award-winning Civilization series. Set in the future, global events have destabilized the world leading to a collapse of modern society, a new world order and an uncertain future for humanity. As the human race struggles to recover, the re-developed nations focus their resources on deep space travel to chart a new beginning for mankind.
I can't wait to play it on October 24th.:boogie:

Couchpotato August 24th, 2014 21:51

Feast your eyes on a new trailer from the developer. :drool:

Now I give you all a warning the trailer is almost an hour long. So sit back and watch it only if you have time to spare. Now on with the show.:bow:



Seeded Start: Choose Your Own Adventure. Pete Murray and Beyond Earth Co-Lead Designer, David McDonough, go over the bonuses and perks included in the unique seeded-start.
On a side note it seems I'm the only one who updates this thread.:cool:

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