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Dhruin March 5th, 2010 15:45

DA: The Awakening - Interview @ Gamasutra
This short interview with BioWare online producer Fernando Melo is ostensibly about DLC in general but I'm going to file it under Awakening:

In your presentation, you emphasized that this is a "content" expansion more than a "features" expansion -- less of a bullet point list, more straight-up game expansion. Is that down to you and the players seeing the primary strength of Dragon Age as being its story and world content?

FM: It is. More than "content," generally, itís really the story. Thatís what made Origins so special, and [it's what] people really seem to gravitate towards. There's a lot of depth, very memorable characters, and the fact that you make choices and you get to live out the consequences.

There are new features in there -- you can now do rune crafting; thereís some combat balancing; there are all-new tiers of items; you have smarter, higher-level enemies; you can use higher-powered spells; and thereís a re-spec ability.

But all of those are fairly subtle. There isnít one whiz-bang feature we wanted to prop up. It really is about driving a whole additional part of the lore, and we felt that that was what was going to resonate best with fans.
More information.

Malk March 5th, 2010 15:45


As an industry, retail expansions are difficult to put on the shelf.
Why is that?

Dhruin March 5th, 2010 23:43

They sell for less than a full game, will only sell 50% of the original game sales (or whatever) but still take up the same space.

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