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Dhruin December 24th, 2006 15:59

Forlorn World - Update
Polish post-apoc project Forlorn World has posted an End of Year update and declared 2006 a difficult year:

We decided not to continue earlier declared action. It has resulted from several factors, from weak organization mainly and individual crewmen changes. In order to escape such mishaps and cure project. We reform management and started cleaning and improving works.

Recapitulation over year of functioning has not fell out best. We have committed many errors, but we understood them and we will improve our actions.

We wish you in New Year, as well as, a lot progress and as least errors. We wish you also happy and quiet Christmas.
More information.

Dr. A December 24th, 2006 15:59

I thought the announcement was rather bizarrely written until I looked at the name of the game again…

Forlorn World


Elwro December 24th, 2006 16:14

What's wrong with the title?

Dr. A December 24th, 2006 17:27

Nothing wrong. Just seemed a bit ironic considering the update seems quite depressing…


for·lorn (fər-lôrn', fôr-)
Appearing sad or lonely because deserted or abandoned.
Forsaken or deprived: forlorn of all hope.
Wretched or pitiful in appearance or condition: forlorn roadside shacks.
Nearly hopeless; desperate. See synonyms at despondent.

[Middle English forloren, past participle of forlesen, to abandon, from Old English forlēosan.]

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