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CelesteGB March 9th, 2010 23:25

Starting over and build opinions
Hey all,

I decided to give NWN2 another try. I'm making a Rogue/SD/AA and want to know if I can do without a Spellcaster. I prefer to have both Casavir and Khelgar because Khelgar amuses me and Casavir will be there for the romance option. I know Sand and Qara are both excellent spellcasters but geez, I hate currying influence with their attitude :) I hope to take Elanee or Zhjaeve later as a healer. Is this a decent idea?

I also had created a Bard/Rogue/AA because I wanted to do all the lockpicking and such myself. Besides, anytime I gained influence with anyone, I lost influence with her ;) I had to start over though because I had chosen Wood elf and I would have had an experience penalty…correct? I suppose I could use a Half-Elf Bard/Rogue/AA…

Any opinions on Rogue/SD/AA or Bard/Rogue/AA?

Thanks in advance!

Maylander March 10th, 2010 11:07

1) Multiclass penalties only apply if the two (or more) base classes are more than 1 level apart. I.e if you play a Bard/Rogue/AA you have to make sure to keep the Bard and Rogue levels within 1 level of each other. You can level the AA to whatever levels you want without thinking about penalties.

2) I often run with Elanee and Zhawhatshername as dual casters. It may not be optimal, but it works out nicely anyway, due to all the healing they squeeze out. Also, Elanee is a good offensive caster (firestorm etc are brilliant spells). Also, the influence thingymabob with Sand and Qara is easy to solve - you keep whoever has the highest influence, so you never actually have to worry about it. Basically, just talk to Qara a few times if you want to keep her (she gets +3 in several conversations in a row), or avoid her if you don't + give Sand some influence during the trial quest.

I basically only play with either Sand or Qara (Qara pre-trial, Sand during the trial quest) untill I get Zhawhatever, due to influence reasons (and the fact that I use Sand as a crafter more than anything else).

3) As for builds - they'll both work out. Basically, any dex based build will work out, as long as you get high enough dex for Perfect Two-Weapon combat. I prefer Air Genasi for such characters (starting at 20 dex). Oh, and remember to always enchant your weapons with as much elemental damage as possible - it is the main source of damage to a dex based character, due to their extreme hit rate (10+ attacks per round all delivering lots of elemental damage will do a redicilous amount of damage).

If you have more questions or feel that my answers aren't sufficient, just ask. :)

CelesteGB March 10th, 2010 19:49

On multiclassing…yeah, I always forget about that. I had gotten Khelgar and Neeshka when I decided to add my rogue level and then went d'oh :D I could continue and make a bard 10/ rogue 9/AA 9 but by splitting them, would I be crippling myself by not specializing in either rogue or bard? I only want enough rogue though to pick locks and such. Granted there is sneak attack damage but how immune are th enemies towards the end?

The Rogue/AA I started up those looks awfully nice hehe. My character portrait doesn't look like I'm stuck in a fish bowl *snicker*

Thrasher March 10th, 2010 21:52

Khelgar and Elanee are great to have in the party. Any others are for flavor (if you got all the rogue skills yourself).

CelesteGB March 11th, 2010 01:46

Yeah, I think I'm leaning towards the rogue build. I want to try Manyshot :D I will sort of miss the songs; they just added a nice bit of role-playing and were a nice free buff.

So I'm decided…I hope *rolls eyes* Khelgar, Casavir, and Elanee and then maybe Zhjaeve. I think the whole influence thing is one reason I stopped playing…I would try to get influence with one and someone else would disapprove. This group should fit me better.

Thrasher March 11th, 2010 02:40

Yep, I meta-gamed and took people out of the party when I knew I would otherwise negatively influence them. Horrible, even though I stuck to my alignment.

BTW, I highly recommend the following mods, especially Official Campaign Tools&Fixes - it lets you change your party at anytime WITHOUT having to go to the tavern/keep. Talk about tedious otherwise… :roll:

Fire&Ice's Big Fonts UI
Tony K's Companion and Monster AI
Kaedrin's PrC Pack
Official Campaign Tools&Fixes

Also, you can take Grobnar for songs and entertainment.

CelesteGB March 11th, 2010 02:52

Oooh, I'll have to get those. I do have Tony's Companion pack though. I really like that. I had also gotten United Colors and one that helped add more head selections. Do you happen to know what that was?? At least my first wood elf didn't look like a troll with that hak hehe.

Thanks! I don't think I'll look at the PrC pack because I had a hard enough time choosing from the classes I had :biggrin:

Thrasher March 11th, 2010 02:58

The reason I use the PrC pack is because there are tons of spell fixes in there and it allows sneak attacks with ranged touch spells for my Arcane Trickster. Not to mention a whole boatload of new spells and feats to choose from! It may also fix the spell resistance bug. :)

Sorry, I am not familiar with the head hak. I had a hard time finding the mod that gives you accurate and better trap descriptions. I use that one too.

CelesteGB March 11th, 2010 03:24

Stop! Now I may have to download and start another class :D Ranged touch sneak attacks? Oooohh….

I did install the one for crafting bows with elemental damage and stuff. I do like my bows :)

Ranged touch sneak attacks….hmm…hehe

Thrasher March 11th, 2010 03:43

The only reason for playing an AT, IMHO….

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