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Dhruin March 15th, 2010 15:33

Alpha Protocol - GDC Walkthrough Video
Obsidian is pointing out a 6 minute Alpha Protocol GDC walkthrough video at Gametrailers, with Sega Assistant Producer Matt Hickman showing off a combat sequence using various skills.
More information.

Davion March 15th, 2010 15:33

After watching that there's no more doubt with me : this is mass effect 1 with a more modern theme.

A good thing in my book :P

Arhu March 15th, 2010 16:03

Not in mine … I'm worried a bit about the skill system, which looks too much like Mass Effect and not enough like Deus Ex or Bloodlines. 15 skill points for each skill? At least the cost seems to be increasing. I'm hoping that specializing will actually make a noticeable gameplay difference and is meaningful. Think sneaking/hacking with barely any weapon use vs. full frontal assault.

In the video it looked as if there was only one linear path you could take -- why choose between silent weapons or loud weapons then if they play almost the same and you are still on rails? But I realize that 5 minutes of generic gameplay can't tell you anything about how the full game will play out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Grandor Dragon March 15th, 2010 16:40

I am less looking forward to this game after watching the video. The action looks clumsy. The AI does a lot of very, very stupid things, the animations are poor for today's standards and the textures are disappointing. Of course this could still be a great title. I sure hope so.

ebarstad March 15th, 2010 19:03

I felt a lot like Grandor Dragon after watching the video. I think I wanted Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the RPG instead of Mass Effect 1: Shepard the Spy. In other words, I want the action to live up to the role-playing and vice versa. Seeing how the enemies behave in this video was disappointing ("Look, a guy with a gun — run at him!").

It was also kind of disappointing to hear him call the abilities "our game's version of magic." I don't want switch-on abilities in a spy game; I want persistent skills (that you build up and specialize in) and gadgets.

But, as was mentioned above, you can't judge a game on a generic 5-minute video. I look forward to seeing more about the game as it gets closer to release.

Dez March 15th, 2010 19:32

i was looking forward more of that splinter cell chaos theory/ deus ex 1 feelíng. Sneaking on enemies, heck avoiding killing and getting seen altogether. Good point is that this game promises to deliver lots of dialog and grey moral decisions, to kill or not kill a terrorist leader based on an information you currently have. I really liked the end scene with the commanding officer.

The downside is that the combat doesn't feel very convincing. Most dissapointed i'm about the lack of realism. Player should be killed just as easily as the enemies, like in the splinter cell games. Now in that trailer the guy just stands there aiming carefully while the guards shoot his ass. Either A.I is braindead or he is using cheat codes or something. Even marines from half-life 1 used more sensible fighting tactics. For example why aren't those guards flanking, throwing nades, using cover fire, basic military training every grunt knows… And its a sad thruth that animations look indeed quite clumsy/stiff.

I'm also hoping that that there are more non-linear levels than one we saw in this trailer.

Grandor Dragon March 15th, 2010 20:44

The character even took a tank (or APC) head-on! That was weird.

Thrasher March 15th, 2010 21:13

Nice demonstration of stealth there… NOT! ;)

Just looks like any other shooter. meh….

hiciacit March 16th, 2010 01:44

Well that just dropped a few points on the to-buy list :(

Maylander March 16th, 2010 15:38

As always, I do not believe in neither hype, nor marketing. For a marketing video to be action oriented is hardly news.

There's bound to be more solid feedback before the release than this.

Grumpi March 17th, 2010 09:04

Very disappointing. Looks like random shooter. In my book espionage doesn't look like this.

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