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Rills March 24th, 2010 05:56

Installation Will Not Take
Okay, I was going to install this game a few months ago but life happens. So tonight I installed the game and when it finished it asked if I wanted to launch the game which I chose to do.

A few screens began to roll such as Radon Labs, etc. but then it froze to a black screen and the cursor did not move. So I rebooted, uninstalled and then reinstalled. The installation went along fine until the Drakensang.exe part of the disk came to be loaded and the installation stopped. I was recommended to Abort by Windows but if I wanted to retry. I click retry but it would not let me to continue.

So I went to my C Drive and under the Programs folder found the Drakensang folder. Inside was the Drakensang.exe. I was told I had no permission to delete the executible and thus could not delete the folder.

What gives? Advice please.

Corwin March 24th, 2010 06:31

We're really not equipped to deal with major tech issues. I'd suggest you contact the games official tech forum. However, without knowing system details and what else you have running, even they will not be able to help. Sometimes something as simple as your virus protection can cause problems!!

Rills March 24th, 2010 06:49

Corwin, thanks for the reply. I have searched for the official forums but I must missing something because I have yet to find the game's official tech forum.

By the way, love your signature statement.

Corwin March 24th, 2010 08:00

Here's the URL to the Official Forums The tech forum looks to be in German, but if you ask in the English forum I'm sure someone would be able to help you.

Siran March 24th, 2010 09:11

That's the forum for River of Time which hasn't been released in English yet and therefore has no English tech forum.

The one you are looking for is this: http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/viewforum.php?f=188

Alrik Fassbauer March 24th, 2010 12:38

Yes, try it there.

Which kind of Window do you use ? I heard there are some issues with installing it on Vista.

Rills March 24th, 2010 17:29

XP with Service Pack 3. I'm wondering if the game's insistance on installing DirectX update is the issue on why it didn't run in the first place. If never gives one the option to accept or decline.

But my main issue right now is the main executible refusing to be uninstalled. Thanks everypne for the help, suggestions, and links.

Update: I was correct on the Direct X. My video card is DirectX 10 and this game set it back to 9c!

Alrik Fassbauer March 24th, 2010 17:41

Interesting. Thanks for the notice.

Gorath March 24th, 2010 18:01


Originally Posted by Rills (Post 1061004918)
Update: I was correct on the Direct X. My video card is DirectX 10 and this game set it back to 9c!

There are ca. 25 different versions of Direct X 9c. It's updated quite often. It's possible a few components needed for Drakensang are not shipped in the standard redistributable Direct X package.

Direct X 10 does not work under XP, AFAIR. Direct X 9c is the maximum.

Unfortunately this is really a problem where we can't do much.

Rills March 24th, 2010 19:11

I am aware that XP can't run DX10 but this is the first time ever I have had a game install a Direct X without at least asking for permission. Doing further research it appears that the Direct X installed from the game CD prevents the game from engaging. One person who had the exact issues I've had, had to go to Windows DirectX update and reinstall the DX from Microsoft before it ran.

Of course many people haven't had to deal with this problem. The issue for me now is how to uninstall the Drakensang executible in order to try to install it again.

I realize this site isn't built for these issues but, again, I thank everyone for their responses.

Thrasher March 24th, 2010 20:45

I think all you need to do is download the DirectX updater from Microsoft and that should fix DirectX, in theory. Then maybe DS will run without having to uninstall it, and reinstall.

Alrik Fassbauer March 24th, 2010 21:52

For Drakensang they always said one should use the very newest available Direkt X package.
Or the one that came with the game, at least.
For patches, they bundled Direkt X, too. Or at least the so-called "web installer" (not the *whole* world wide web, though :p ;) ).

Rills March 24th, 2010 23:19


Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer (Post 1061004968)
Or at least the so-called "web installer" (not the *whole* world wide web, though :p ;) ).


Okay, here is another update. I decided to once again access my C > Program Folders > Drakensang Folder and try an attempt to one last time to delete. And for some absolutely unknown reason did!

Then I did a Search function for all things Drakensang and I discovered the executible was still present. And as much as I don't like to I decided to delete it this way and it did.

Why? I haven't a clue.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

Thrasher March 24th, 2010 23:25

Oooo that is a very bad way to try to uninstall a prog. All the windows registry entries and install info is still hanging around, which will confuse windows greatly if you try to reinstall… Just saying…

Rills March 25th, 2010 03:25

Yeah, like I said I didn't want to do it this way but it actually came out okay. I believe because I could delete the Drakensang Folder first what I did in Search was minimized in impact.

I decided to try to install one more time after I disabled my firewall. The game installed without a hitch but before loading I then went and updated the Direct X 9 from Microsoft as you pointed out, Thrasher.

The game now runs. Now if only I could get a handle on these gaming rules and character development…

Thrasher March 25th, 2010 03:53

Great! Glad to hear you got it working!

Yes, the rules are the hardest part, and the manual is too fluffy. But the game is well worth the trouble.

The rules are explained very well in a bunch websites and forums. If you want, PM me, and I can email you a zip file of shortcuts to the info.

Gorath March 25th, 2010 05:44


Originally Posted by Rills (Post 1061005015)
The game now runs. Now if only I could get a handle on these gaming rules and character development…

It's not as complicated as it seems. Lots of infos are hidden behind a right-click.

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