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crpgnut March 25th, 2010 21:25

Replaying Oblivion again-Favorite Mods?
Bethesda fanboi seeks suggestions on favorite mods. My favorite aspects of the game are the exploration, alchemy, and magic systems. I enjoy combat, but I don't really care about adding more enemies to fight. The game has the right amount of combat, it's just a little bit easy. I'm really interested in making the game prettier, for my moderate Geforce 240 card, and more fun to explore. Things that help with item balance are great too. I agree that getting a Daedric sword at level 5 is a wee bit silly.

I know that there are other threads about mods, but more mods are added daily for this monstrosity of a game, so share :D

MasterKromm March 25th, 2010 22:45

Hmm, at the time I recall being floored by Qarls Texture Pack(both for it's transformation of various textures and the hell it inflicted on my GFX card). Your graphics card still might struggle a little depending on resolution. IIRC the stock clocks are pretty low on the GT 240(550mhz core/1360mhz shader/3400mhz memory), perhaps you will have some OC headroom if necessary?


Other than that one I don't really recall much… You could always look through the top 100 files on TESnexus.

A few off the top look at least a little interesting:

Midas magic spells of Aurum
Natural Environments
Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina
The Lost Spires

Sir Markus March 25th, 2010 23:25

I liked the 'DarkUI' mod. I found it easier on the eyes.


Sir Markus March 25th, 2010 23:31

'Elven Map' is another mod that I thought was pretty good.


Thrasher March 25th, 2010 23:37

I second the "Lost Spires". Beats pretty much everything in the original game! :)

crpgnut March 26th, 2010 00:32

I've read about the Lost Spires, it sounds like a winner for sure! I'll look at those graphical mods too, Markus. I like what I've read about the Glenvar Castle mod, so I think I'll add it. Keep the suggestions coming, if you please!

DeepO March 26th, 2010 05:23


Originally Posted by crpgnut (Post 1061005176)
Bethesda fanboi seeks suggestions on favorite mods. My favorite aspects of the game are the exploration, alchemy, and magic systems. I enjoy combat, but I don't really care about adding more enemies to fight.

Definitely look into Integration: Stranded Light.
Itīs probably the longest and imo by far the best quest mod out there.
Itīs lore and dialogue heavy, sports exploration in spades, supports multiple solutions, contains skillchecks, riddles, encourages clever use of magic here and there, combat is rarely needed and as a whole the mod is very nonlinear.
Itīs really well integrated into vanilla world, as well as Shivering Isles, and somewhat gives you more motivation to do vanilla quests (recognizes if youīre archmagister etc.).
It also requires LAME to be installed, which is a fine overhaul of magic system.
Itīs also virtually bug-free.
Only weaknesses are its occasionally weird looking characters, the fact it isnīt voiced and some quests are too hard to figure out. Overall itīs pretty much incredible.

As for the others, since you enjoy exploration, Iīd suggest Unique Landscapes and Better Cities for environmental facelift.
Dungeons of Ivellon is a really good dungeon romp with some good puzzles and atmosphere.

DArtagnan March 26th, 2010 09:44

I'm into gameplay mods, and I suggest:

Midas Magic - You mention magic systems, and this one is the king. Ridiculously big mod, with a zillion new spells and effects. I haven't really tried it myself, because I rarely play a mage. But it's currently numero uno on TESNEXUS top 100.

Deadly Reflex - makes combat MUCH more entertaining and involved.

Oblivion XP - Turns Oblivion levelling system into a traditional XP based game, with XP being rewarded for pretty much everything you do. This is obviously down to taste, but I think it's the perfect way to enjoy the game.

Francesco's non scaling mod - Get rid of the horrible scaling system, and doesn't mess with too much else, and you can easily customize what you want it to do.

Thieves Arsenal - Basically makes thievery/stealth work a lot like the Thief games. With functional Blackjack, Water Arrows, Gas Arrows, etc.

Stealth Overhaul - A smaller mod that tweaks stealth to work better. Like backstab being much more efficient with a dagger, and generally makes stealth more realistic and useful.

Enhanced Economy - A ton of stuff related to merchants and prices. One of the best features is that you no longer use the silly haggle-system, and instead it autocalculates based on your skill and the skill of the merchant.


As for a handful of other vital mods:

Oblivion Stutter Remover - A simple mod, that almost entirely removes the stuttering in the game. At least on my setup, it almost never stutters AT ALL.

Tamriel VWD - In my opinion the best compromise of having key buildings visible when distant, with a very slight performance impact. I know there are lots of popular ones out there, but in my experience they're all WAY too demanding for what you gain.

Qarl's Texture pack 3 - Not much to say except it looks fantastic. Especially the indoor textures are beautiful and detailed. These work in tandem with a bunch of other mods, especially related to LOD and distant textures. I can't recall the names, but this pack is probably the most essential visual addition in my mind.


That's about it for now ;)

Tragos March 26th, 2010 09:45

Servant of the Dawn



Yep , you have a chance to play with the bad guys .

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