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Dhruin April 28th, 2010 00:22

DA: Awakening - BioWare Working on PS3 Fix
It seems the latest 3.30 firmware for the PS3 causes Dragon Age to crash frequently, so BioWare are working on the problem. From Fernando Melo in this thread:

Thanks again for your patience - it is pretty clear that despite this affecting other titles, that it has impacted on DA substantially. We're hopeful there is something we can do from our end to work around whatever was introduced in 3.3. In the meantime, please continue to send us information that will help us narrow this down.
More information.

JDR13 April 28th, 2010 00:22

That's nice, but what about a patch for the PC version?

Zloth April 28th, 2010 03:20

I find this rather funny, actually. Consoles are supposed to be the super easy to use things where you just plug it in and it works. PCs are supposed to be the platform where you have to worry about what patches you have and haven't got!

Alrik Fassbauer April 28th, 2010 11:07

The latest firmware ? I think I remember that's the same firmware that throws Linux out ?

wolfing April 28th, 2010 15:19

No, there's a patch after that (3.30). The one that makes the PS3 "3D ready" or something.
In my case, I don't have DA but it did affect my Gamefly copy of Final Fantasy XIII. One day I'm playing it just fine (did I mention it's gorgeous?), I turn it off and go to sleep. Next day I turn the PS3 on and it says I need an update. After a few minutes and the restart with the new upgrade, I start FF 13, load my last saved game and… it got stuck on loading. Tried several times and same thing.
I checked the PS3 forums and many people are reporting problems, and the running theory is that Sony increased the rotation speed or something for the Bluray drive via firmware update so things are 'faster', but I guess it made it more picky as to what discs it could read. I noticed a very small chip on the edge of the disc when I ejected it, so my guess it that before the update the drive read past it but after the update it wouldn't.
Luckily it's Gamefly, so I just reported it scratched and 2 days later I got a new copy that I'm playing fine now.

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