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Busyhandz May 1st, 2010 09:09

Deep thoughts by Jack Handy…no, me
On my first play through eveything was fine except the Brood Mother wasn't available, so I never got the verbage for the final battle. So, I was forced to start completely over. I wasn't too tickled. (and yes, I was a good little boy, when I installed the game originaly, I closed open programs, shut off the virus checker…etc.)

On my 'load new game' game, here's what I was left with:

The stone/fire puzzle in the wending wood didn't work.

The 'trail of love' quest in the Blackmarch stopped at note number 5- I couldn't click on the stone.

I couldn't return the dead guy's wedding ring.

Of course, there is the grand lightning rune glitch at the keep.

Oghrens' 'family' quest was never presented to me.

But hey!, pretty packaging.

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