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Busyhandz May 5th, 2010 05:43

Installing Mods
I'm new to Mods, and not the brightest McNugget in the box apparently.

The Author's say to put these in the 'overrider' folder. I've created sub folders for each, and manualy put trhe Mod files in them; is this correct? (these are .DDS files, Cut, Cub, etc. for example) But when I start a new game; nuffin there on the game Menu.

Should the particular Mod show up on the Menu, or does it run in the background?

Do I 'Force' load?

Do I need to remove any original game files?

Can I only have 1 full campaign loaded for it to show up using DA Modder?

Google assumes I know more than I do. :)

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