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Sergorn May 5th, 2010 10:36

Gothic 1 FPS Unlock Patch
I've been meaning to replay Gothic 1 and use the opportunity to use some mod to improve on the look and performance. However I can't seem to get the patch which remove the 25 FPS limitation to work.

I have Gothic installed at the 1.08k version. I installed the player kit 1.08k, I then installed the Gothic FPS patch and it does says "patched successfully". But whenever I run the game I see no difference, the framerate is still locked at 25 FPS.

For information I'm running under Windows 7 X64

Any clue about making this work ?



Ondo May 19th, 2010 11:40

The player kit puts a new .exe file in the directory [Gothic]\system,
I think it's called Gothic_mod.exe . This modified .exe is needed to
play modifications, but also allows playing the original game. The
FPS patch patches THIS new .exe, and not the original Gothic.exe,
so that the modifications can also run with faster frame rate. But
from now on you need to start the original game over the player
kit, even if you don't have any modifications installed.


Gothic I muss mit dem "Playerkit - v1.08k" gestartet werden, damit der Patch funktioniert.

Gothic I must be started with the "Playerkit - v1.08k", in order for the patch to function.

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