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Dhruin June 11th, 2010 03:06

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ IGN
Saying the demo "looked great", IGN has a preview of DX:HR, describing the demo they saw blow-by-blow:

As the action begins, Jensen is high up in a gritty apartment complex. He moves out into the streets draped in Blade Runner-esque neon lighting and packed with large, overlapping animated advertisements. Eidos Montreal created over 100 fake brands and logos to make this world feel real, something you can really feel the effects of when blasted with walls of fictional advertisements like this. It's a world stuffed with detail, one that feels worn and lived-in. Curious onlookers peer from windows high above at Jensen as he passes. Steam drifts lazily up from a window-mounted air conditioning unit into the misty air. Bike racks and trash cans line the streets as non-player characters chatter and move between vendor stands selling vegetables under the green and gold glow of the billboard ads. As you might expect, should Jensen pull out a silenced pistol and point it at an NPC, they react with fright, gulping in surprise. Eidos Montreal says you can talk to every NPC in the game, which should be good news for patient players who like to take their time and explore every part of a game world.
More information.

Zloth June 11th, 2010 03:06

Fake brands made by devs? That tends to lead to very good things! City of Gyros, the endentured servitude company in ME2 (you've been a slave to your employees long enough, isn't it time to turn that around?)…

blackcanopus June 11th, 2010 11:16

Previous DX games did have fake brands, too. They related to real life brands and companies. The two coffee companies in DX:IW related to Pepsi and Coca Cola, for example. And then, there were the 'fake people'. NG Resonance, who recalled me of Britney Spears.

Sergius64 June 12th, 2010 01:10

Can talk to all NPCs, eh? I bet its going to be generic and bland Oblivion type nonsense.

ortucis June 12th, 2010 07:16

Talking to all NPC's, pointless. I just hope they don't switch to cinematic dialogue mode like Oblivion. Nothing is more annoying than engaging a NPC in dialogue only to find out that it has nothing new to say (and you then have to go through shitty console menu to exit the dialogue mode again).

So if the NPC has one line to say, make it happen in real time.

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