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Dhruin June 17th, 2010 11:57

The Witcher 2 - E3 Previews @ CVG, IGN
Here's a couple of Witcher 2 previews from E3. First, a snip from CVG:

One thing that is definitely remaining is the distinctive stances - fast, group and heavy. In The Witcher 2, they won't be as separate as before. CD Projekt are aiming to allow for players to mix them together to produce a better flow to the combat.

Potion creation will be made less fiddly this time - more a matter of just making sure you have the right ingredients without having to go through the whole meditation and bubbling cauldron thing. In fact, the whole issue of character inventory and progression has been addressed. While not a major issue last time, your inventory could get cluttered up easily, so there are moves afoot to make sure this doesn't happen so much.
and from IGN, who report some sort of Alpha Protocol effect with the dialogue:

We didn't get to play at E3 2010, but we did get a chance to see some of the game in action. Choice and consequence still factors into The Witcher 2's progression, as the choices you make in conversation affect how events play out further down the line. While in conversation you'll see the interface is much different, with a handful of short dialogue options appearing in the left middle of the screen as interactions play out. You're also given a limited amount of time to input each option, so you'll need to think fast as to how to approach each situation since the decisions can have far reaching effects.
More information.

booboo June 17th, 2010 11:57

hm…I quite liked the potion/meditating thing. So will you now be able to brew potions on the run, a la Oblivion? That would be a shame. The dialogue timer also seems like an unwelcome addition - what about people who read slowly? How ill they determine a reasonable time? Maybe that will be optional…one can hope.

holeraw June 17th, 2010 14:22


Originally Posted by booboo (Post 1061015381)
The dialogue timer also seems like an unwelcome addition - what about people who read slowly? How ill they determine a reasonable time? Maybe that will be optional…one can hope.

Adding to that: what about non native english speakers that don't have the luxury of games being translated in their language? I found that quite unconsidered in Alpha Protocol but even more so from a non American developer. Having to simultaneously understand what the npc says and what your dialog options are, creates an enormous disadvantage for people who might need to read a sentence twice before they can be confident that they fully understood its message. I find that that becomes a huge flaw when the game is depended on dialog.

Tragos June 17th, 2010 16:13

I agree with holeraw , i am no native English speaker and i also drink and smoke during my gaming sessions , dialogues present great opportunity to light a fag , refill my vodka glass or take a juice out of the freezer , i hate to miss them.

"In the first game, there were a host of different magic powers, plus others related to combat, physique, mental strength and things like that. This time, the skills tree has been squished down into only a few branches, but these have been extended substantially to allow for more options than before."

Welcome to Oblivion ?

Lemonhead June 17th, 2010 16:43

timed dialogue is a horrible idea.

WorstUsernameEver June 17th, 2010 20:07

Timed dialogue is present only for the most important/on-the-fly choices, not for every dialogue.
Personally I don't have that much of a problem (I already experimented the thing with Alpha Protocol and it worked well enough), but I can perfectly understand your complaints guys.
My hope is that there will be a mod that removes them, assuming it's possible.

turian June 17th, 2010 22:01

"timed dialogue" sounds like "quicktime event with words"

Cerberus June 18th, 2010 20:23

I also hate this whole 'timed dialogue' thing, i personally like to 'lay back' and enjoy a smoke etc whenever there is a dialogue.

As for the skill system, seriously, what the hell?Yeah, keep dumbing the character system even further, more hand holding, easier/simpler games all in all.. one bloody happy console family.

GothicGothicness June 19th, 2010 12:07

the gameplay and combat acctually looks a lot better than the first TW…. here is hoping it will play out better and not only look like so.

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