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gaboru93 January 14th, 2007 20:13

Will Gothic 4 be made ?
will Gothic 4 be made???

Obthic3 January 14th, 2007 20:29

Why not? :)
There is no complete ending for the story of 3…hmmm which story? :D

gaboru93 January 14th, 2007 22:37

:lol: that's a good one…
it will be sad if it won't be any Gothic 4 though…:(

Corwin January 15th, 2007 05:02

Like all sequels, it will depend totally on sales!! Money rules whether we like it or not!!

curious January 15th, 2007 10:41

i say love rules!!!
in honour of martin luther king jr of course.

Corwin January 15th, 2007 11:41

Yeah, and I too have a dream!! :)

Danicek January 15th, 2007 13:05

I believe Gorath was talking in one of the other threads about sells/money. It seems that this game is not total hit but not huge miss. Generally they are making some money, not a huge profit but enough to pay for the costs (and luckely bit more). So I'm hoping this means we will see Gothic 4. Or probaby some different game with different setting and name from this producer. After this buggy releasy, the Gothic brand is not really something you necessarilly need to keep.

Gorath January 15th, 2007 14:55

An add-on is quite probable according to the new interview, although the contract hasn´t been signed yet.

PB speculated that G4 could be a prequel. I bet there will be another game.

G3 certainly makes more money than Gothic and G2, but it was surely much more expensive. We can only speculate how many units they need to sell to break even. My guess is that the game is already in the money.
Add-ons are comparatively cheap to produce, so continuing sales, the budget version. the add-on followed by a gold edition and all the merchandizing should earn decent money in the long term. They spoiled their chance for the big bucks though.

txa1265 January 15th, 2007 15:56


Originally Posted by gaboru93 (Post 15605)
will Gothic 4 be made???

Here is a request - add more detail to your thread titles? Instead of 'I have a question', make the title "Will they make Gothic 4?"

gaboru93 January 16th, 2007 22:41

yeeeee!!! we will have G4
oh btw how do i change thread name? :D

txa1265 January 16th, 2007 22:48


Originally Posted by gaboru93 (Post 15853)
yeeeee!!! we will have G4
oh btw how do i change thread name? :D

I think that only an admin can do it … I was really just talking about 'in the future'.

gaboru93 January 18th, 2007 19:37

can an admin change this thread name to "Will they make Gothic4?" ??? i can't find someone to do that…:-/

Hindukönig January 18th, 2007 19:44

I hope they won't make Gothic 4, because they killed the Gothic series in the third part for me. I compared Gothic 3 to Ultima IX because that was a horrible successor, too, but when I think about it I have to say, Gothic 3 is like Ultima VIII - not a really bad game, but a shame compared to its precedessors - simplified plotline, not really thought-out virtual world, some major (and in my opinion: wrong) gameplay changes.

So, a Gothic 4 would be the Ultima IX of the series, and that would just be … evil. EVIL!

titus January 18th, 2007 20:34

I hope they make a G4 or a prequel or some sort because I like G3 a lot. It doesn't has the gothic feeling like the other 2. But it has the right feeling for that situation, just like the former 2 had.

gaboru93 January 18th, 2007 22:20

i'm sooo nervous to playing Gothic 3 but first my computer needs some major upgrades( a new one:lol: lol) i hope the game will continue more and more and more…. so ppl that say that they hope G4 won't come out……. u guys have some nerve!!!!!!!

mudsling3 January 19th, 2007 05:20

gods forbiden there be a Gothic MMORPG… It's coming :(

titus January 19th, 2007 10:13

No way, Gothic doesn't fit as a MMORPG, besides gothic has always been about freedom and story and feeling. and the last 2 things you cant get done in a MMORPG

gaboru93 February 1st, 2007 22:55

hmm it seems i'm not able to edit the title now… i edited one named short words… first it was called something else… but now it doesn't work here

titus February 3rd, 2007 15:26

There is a MMORPG coming with a lot of emphasis on the story. If I'm not mistaken the name was:Age of Conan
It all happens in the Conan Universe, So it is a differentsetting than usual

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