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Dhruin January 15th, 2007 21:34

Gods - LoI - Special Edition Completed
Cypron Studios has an announcement on their site that the Special Edition of Gods: Lands of Infinity has been completed:

GODS LoI SE has finally been completed. Many players have been curious about the changes between the original version and the special edition. We spent quite a time in attempt to add as many new features as possible. The outcome was a game dressed in a completely new, more attractive fashion boosted with various bonus stuff. We bet you wouldn't tell it's the same game by the look at some of the new screenshots!
  • Starring Kyla Cole as a Lead Heroine
  • Powered by the Latest Build (All Patches Included)
  • Polished Graphics with More Detailed Enviroment
  • Brand New Main Menu and Graphic User Interface
  • Smoother Animation
  • Expanded Alchemy
  • Brand New Game Soundtrack and Gods OST CD
  • Boosted Sound Effects
  • Bonus Weapons and Armours
  • Gods Kyla Cole 2007 Calendar

More information.

ToddMcF2002 January 15th, 2007 21:34

I tried the demo and I'd like to grab this game at some point. However this is a pretty weak special edition unless you always dreamed of roleplaying a porn star.

fatBastard() January 15th, 2007 21:59

That's not exactly how I would phrase what I've dreamt about doing with a porn star … but beggars can't be chooser so if "roleplaying" is all I'm going to get then so be it :biggrin:

txa1265 January 15th, 2007 22:06


Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 (Post 15725)
I tried the demo and I'd like to grab this game at some point. However this is a pretty weak special edition unless you always dreamed of roleplaying a porn star.

Hehe … but for those of us who *haven't* played, it isn't a bad deal - soundtrack, updated effects and so on.

araczynski January 16th, 2007 00:19

is there a retail special edition out there somewhere to buy? perhaps there's some cheats to unlock special, umm, ingame skins? ;)

cutterjohn January 16th, 2007 00:37

I'm kind of betting that they'll be upping the price. It's 3 tokens or $29.99 as it stands now from totalgaming.net. I looked at LOI, looked at the price, and then said to myself $30 for a $20(at best) game, get real. And one that is reputed to be very short on top of that. ($70 to totalgaming isn't an option either as most of their other games are much lower quality.)

Also it sounds like they're going to try to get into the retail stores now with the soundtrack CD, the bundled calendar, etc. And they DID reference it once or twice in the various release info, although I'm not sure that it was planned or if the translation to english just didn't come out right…

All of the above said the paltry 4 screenshots DO appear to have better/maybe higher res textures, and well, Kyla Cole. I wonder when the full frontal nudity mod comes out…

Corwin January 16th, 2007 00:49

Hmmm…….wonder if they're giving a free update to those who have the original version!! :)

karka January 16th, 2007 01:04

I hope so.

txa1265 January 16th, 2007 02:28


Originally Posted by Corwin (Post 15744)
Hmmm…….wonder if they're giving a free update to those who have the original version!! :)

Maybe they'll put you on the 'Dungeon Lords Special Pricing Plan' :D

Acleacius January 16th, 2007 04:57

Sounds pretty good to me $30 for a TB/RPG, we paid $40 to $60 for NWN2 and G3 both burtally buged and unfinished.

I haven't gotten around to trying the newly released demo yet, so I am not sure how it runs on my PC.

I did finally got around to looking up Kyla Cole and Cypron Imp is correct afaik, as I only see a couple of girl on girl movies listed, which isn't really p0rn, at least to me.
Not sure why some focus on the movies she did, since she was and is a very succesful model before and after those, on all levels clothed and nude from what I see on Wiki.

So seeing an attractive women as a herione in a video game is so nothing new, but having a sucessful model play is certianly a nice PR move, it's not like anyone is harmed in the making of this game. ;)

Personally I am not intimidated by bisexual women clothed or nude, so if Corwin gets that government grant to study fitful mating vixens, I plan to volunteer my personal time to the study. :biggrin:

curious January 16th, 2007 05:11

i payed 25 for a new copy of nwn2 the day after thanksgiving…amateurs;)

Dajjer January 16th, 2007 06:56

I too wondered if we, who paid for the game last year, would get a free update. I perused the web site and didn't get a difinitive answer. So I went to an old save game played for a couple minutes and then said why bother. :)

The game was okay, but I just have too many other games to tackle like Seige of Avalon (curious) and Ultima 5 or 7 (corwin) plus I only have about 100 hours of Gothic 3 in and I feel I'm only about half way thorugh, maybe. PLus I dropped NWN2 like a hot potato when G3 came out. IE . . . LoI had it day in my hard drive sun.

curious January 16th, 2007 08:40

special editions that don't offer a discount for those who bought the game originally and help funded them being able to make a special edition deserve to be used as tinder. although i would like to have a boxed version i imagine it would be logistically difficult to give a discount on a boxed game for one that you had bought digitally. but perhaps they will be generous and make it available for 1 token (about all i'd pay) or even as some kind of free patch. personally i could live without a calender and a soundtrack cd. i think the main reason they justified using kyla cole is that she is slovakian and most likely did it for a nominal fee to support the small, much like the country, developer.

zakhal January 16th, 2007 16:57

Old version:
GameZone ** 8.1 / 10 Jul 26, 2006
Armchair Empire ** 6.5 / 10 Aug 9, 2006
Strategy Informer ** 4.2 / 10 Jul 20, 2006
Four Fat Chicks ** 4 / 5 Jul 6, 2006
JustPressPlay 8.3 / 10 Aug 7, 2006

Strategy informer 4.2/10 haha. Still the new version looks interesting. According to the feature list they have improved the weak points of old version (UI, sounds, graphs,animations). Wonder when it will be available.

So I tried the demo. It was better than I thought and I enjoyed it. In the strategy informer review it says that keyboard wasd controls dont work and one must use mouse. I had no problem at all with keyboard controls. Either the review is wrong or the demo version is newer than the one used in the review.

Anyways the game feels refreshingly new. Im sure to pick it up once its released. Along with siege of avalon it seems.

txa1265 January 16th, 2007 17:42

The 'gone gold' announcement is over at BluesNews -


The GODS: Lands of Infinity Website has word that the Special Edition of Cypron Studios' RPG is complete (thanks Frans). The SE includes all the latest patches, some newly polished graphics, some special items, and the insertion of "Slovak erotic and glamour supermodel" Kyla Cole as the game's heroine.
Reading it there does little to the feeling that the Kyla Cole push is the big reason for the Special Edition …

cutterjohn January 16th, 2007 20:05

You MAY have paid $40-60 for NWN, but I took advantage of worstbuy's $25 NWN2 deal for the friday and saturday after Thanksgiving… :D and I'll be waiting for another $20-30 deal on G3 before springing for it. That's already happened but I figured that I was already loaded up on games and let it pass by…

txa1265 January 16th, 2007 20:12

It is wonderful that you guys have found bargains on new releases …

But many 'new game' buyers pay close to full retail. His point wasn't about a pissing contest of who paid most / least for the games, but more of a comparison between going retail of new games (that have shown to be buggy) and this 'Special Edition'.

curious January 16th, 2007 22:09

sorry if i was being a jerk by calling you amateurs.

the $30 dollars Aclecius quotes though is for the original game, as a price has not been set yet, so his value comparision doesn't really matter. i also highly doubt it will be only 30 dollars which is the same price as the digital copy which is far inferior; that would 'add more insult to injury' as i expressed before. also i replied because he said 'we'. this game is different though then other games (like dungeon lords) because their was no price range to buy the original.

useless information
i think price is relevant though as the average price i pay for a game is ~20. many of which are within a month or release. with gods-loi i really wanted to buy it but i don't like not having a boxed version, which like books i keep forever. 30 dollars was just too much for a digital game of any caliber for me. and unfortunately i had bought gal civ 2 when it came out for ~30 so throwing down almost 2 months of gaming budget for the 70=10 tokens put me off for a long time. but in sept/oct i finally caved in and bought the 10 tokens (which puts the cost of gods:loi at only $21), along with daemonica, and pre-ordered dark avatar. i later cleaned out my tokens with space rangers 2 which i have yet to play. my point is that many people are on a budget and paying over 30 ever is a deal breaker for some. i also believe that a majority of the 'new game' buyers you speak of aren't likely to play an indie game like this in the first place, or at least not the original that doesn't have a token 'hot woman' on the cover.

txa1265 January 16th, 2007 22:28

I didn't think you were a jerk - and in a way it makes sense. Because I could have bought Half-Life 2 Episode 1 at retail for $10 within 2 weeks of release, but instead paid $20 day of release … and anyone wanting the digital version is stuck like that. So you bring up the inherent value disadvantage of digital downloads. … but that is a subject for another day ;)

Corwin January 17th, 2007 00:32

I wish I could buy games for just $30!! We get them here often months after American or European release and still pay $90-100!! I order many from OS, but with postage the cost is still about the same!! Digital downloads when available (which is not often, since they mainly seem restricted to the US for some reason) are for me, the cheapest option available!!

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