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aries100 September 2nd, 2010 21:03

The Witcher 2 - Preview @ IGN
IGN has written a very positive preview for this game. They talk about the much better choice and consequence, the enhanced game engine as well as the better flexible gameplay. As usual, an excerpt, telling about the choice and consequences:

Three opening scenarios multiply out to a full 16 different endings. That kind of scope is staggering, when you stop and consider the potential routes necessary to bridge you from one point to another through the game world. In fact, during our presentation, we were privy to the entire game schematic a tangled mass of plot points, missions and interconnected events and scenes that looked more akin to a circuit board wireframe than anything.
More information.

Ovenall September 2nd, 2010 21:03

Very excited for this. Just started playing the first one a couple weeks ago and I'm loving it. Yes it has problems. But the game absolutely nails the atmospherics, and especially the design and feel of actual medieval style architecture.

Yes, I know you can't be a female dwarf half-elf shadowdancer/paladin/sorcerer/swashbuckler/druid/ninja with a name full of apostrophes and a panther as a pet. But the Witcher is a very good RPG.

Elwro September 2nd, 2010 21:34

I hope they don't reuse the "back and forth… and, uh, back again" design technique from e.g. Act IV of the first game… which was (for me) brilliant anyway, so I have high hopes for the next one!

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