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txa1265 January 19th, 2007 22:40

Gothic 3 - Review at GamePyre
The latest site to review Gothic 3 is GamePyre, in an oddly formatted 7 page review that awards the game a 65/100, hitting the game hard for the impact of bugs on fun, and notes:

This is a fun game once you get past the problems, though most gamers will be quickly turned off of this game due to the problems. Graphical issues are noticeable from the moment you start the game. A jumpy combat system will manage to get even the best of players killed in a simple fight from time to time. Enemies that appear out of no where will make many just decide to play another RPG, such as Neverwinter Nights 2, or Oblivion. Hopefully this game will be fixed in another patch or two, and will be better to play, but for now, it just feels tedious more often than fun. If you are a fan of the series it might be worth checking out, otherwise, my opinion is that this one isnít worth the time.

More information.

titus January 19th, 2007 22:40

don't like this review. He says the battles are too difficult? then let him try and play G1 or G2, the batles are quite too easy in g3, although I still die a lot.

And he only gives a 5 on Replay Ability.
Uh??? do I need to say more?
I do agree with him that the game has been released a bit too soon

Acleacius January 20th, 2007 06:25

Agreed, and I do agree his scores suck and the replay 5, or how about orginality 7or sound 5 (this includes music too afaik)?
It's as if he was playing a different game, but the one shining light is the fact correclty points and blames the publsiher, so he isn't completly insane. ;)

Dajjer January 20th, 2007 08:06

65 is about right for a "low score". Not that I think the game is anywhere close to that, but the game did come out far to buggy with way to steep rig requirements.

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