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GhanBuriGhan November 14th, 2010 01:29

Stuck in priest crypt behind waterfall
Hi guys, I am still playing this :)
I seem to be stuck in this dungeon looking for titan armor. I thought I did everything there is to do, but the big stone door is still closed. I thought the winch marked 3 in this guides map:
should open it (the big door marked with 3 green lines)? Well it is still closed, I used the winch several times now. Is there another condition that has to be met? Based on the walkthroughs I read, this is not clear to me, and I pushed so many switches and pulled so many levers that I have no idea if I maybe missed something.
Or have I found my first major bug?

bjon045 November 14th, 2010 08:37

I found this a bit tricky as well. Took me a couple of hours. I think the problem i had was i tried winding them more than once. All 3 winches need to be in the "up" position - you know they are up when your characters winds the winch slowly.

GhanBuriGhan November 14th, 2010 09:54

Ah, thats possible that I used some of the others more than once and "reset" it. I thought the other 2 were not connected to the main gate.

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