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Dhruin January 24th, 2007 04:50

Afterfall - Struggling On
The Afterfall site has a lengthy overview of their project's history that explains despite some interest from partners they still lack the necessary funding but will struggle on regardless:

As of today, several big publishing companies have voiced their interest in our project, and our team is a stable group of people. Although the majority of us work on Afterfall in our free time, some of us have given up their regular work to devote more time to the project. Thanks to our cooperation with QubicGames we have been a registered company on the Polish market for half a year now. A chronic lack of funds is unfortunately still a fact hindering our further development. We have not managed to convince a sufficient number of investors to get enough money to finalize the project. Although nobody is getting a dime for the work on Afterfall, the decisive moment has come – without additional sponsoring we won’t be able to finish our project quick enough.
More information.

Acleacius January 24th, 2007 04:50

It does look great I sure hope they work things out. :)

I wonder if they should have keep the focus small, to get something out and self-publish to get some cash flow and media attention by starting with chapters or episodes?

I could only suggest contacting known supporters of indie titles Stardock, BioWare, 3D Realms and Valve, appoligies I don't really know many EU companies.
Seems they have been focusing on publishers,while there are many compaines which consider themselves Devs first and pubs second, anyway my 2 cents.

txa1265 January 24th, 2007 13:43

I have really hoped for this one to turn out … I hope that they capture the funding. I also initially wondered if they might have been better turning out a smaller scope 2D game more quickly and then getting on to the 3D. But I think that reality is they had a story and some initial stuff, so that no matter what path they took they would be in largely the same place.

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