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Dhruin November 30th, 2010 01:25

Divinity II: DKS - Console Reviews
Here are four Dragon Knight Saga console-version reviews, courtesy of the Larian site.More information.

darkling November 30th, 2010 01:25

I like the high numbers.

Divinity 2 is a huge incline from recent RPG fare. Let's hope the positive reaction DKS is getting helps bring quality back to our beloved genre. =)

chautemoc November 30th, 2010 06:43

It's good the console versions are up to par, partly because word of mouth often doesn't differentiate between platforms..I think Risen suffered in this way (people told each other it's crap, but they played the terrible 360 port done by another studio..so some PC gamers passed).

Myrthos November 30th, 2010 13:23

As far as I know the 360 port was done by Larian Studios, not by another studio.

Alrik Fassbauer November 30th, 2010 22:24

Yes, as far as I know they all do all things themselves.

Which is a sign, imho, of their philosophy to remain as independent as possible (after that desaster with CDV who even renamed their "Project C" into "Divine Divinity" back then).

chautemoc November 30th, 2010 22:48

Yeah, I know it's theirs. As it should be.

Are you sure that was CDV? I remember lar_g saying recently he would never forgive himself for the name haha, but I don't think he was clear on the details of what happened.

Myrthos November 30th, 2010 23:11

Actually Project C was renamed into Divinity: Sword of Lies, which was then renamed by CDV to Divine Divinity.

Alrik Fassbauer November 30th, 2010 23:13

Yes, that's the full story.

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