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Neo October 18th, 2006 08:57

Problem with Walking
Hello all, and here is my first post at this new, and nice-looking forum. I have to say, you gather new members rather quickly. At the NFG, Corwin posted the Link towards this site today, and I already see a total of 93 members.


Well, let's get to the point now, shall we. I have also posted part of this problem on the Dot, but there I hardly got any help, besides a wonderful tip from Moriendor, which, unfortunately, didn't work.

Whenever I walk forward, and let go, he keeps walking for the same amount of time. Let's say I hit walk for 2 seconds, after I let go he walks for another 2 seconds. It seems like he doubles the time I hold W, and continues that walk. During the walking, I cannot steer with the mouse of keyboard, and after he is done walking, he does all that steering at once, making him spin around a few times, and THEN letting me play again.

At this moment, I am still playing the game, however. Whenever I walk, I tap the W during the walking. It's rather annoying, and it's that helpful either during fighting (When I click L-mouse button he swings more then just a "few" times, then walks in the complete other direction, since I pressed "S" to go to another Orc enemy, and then again, let's me allow to control the character). I've made it till level 11 now, with a bunch of quests completed, but I really need help with this, as I am not planning to complete this game tapping W day in-day out.

Thanks in advance,


Corwin October 18th, 2006 09:16

I still think it sounds like a hardware setting on your PC. I don't think it's Gothic related per se. Maybe something is sticking, or maybe there's a fault with some aspect of your input devices, I wouldn't know. It does sound more PC related than game related to me though.

titus October 18th, 2006 09:29

I had thesame problem when playing Kotor, how i solved it? By turning a lot of the options on very low for a while and it helped. I have to admit it was only in area and it still hapened sometimes but not that afwull as before

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