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Myrthos December 8th, 2010 22:03

Knights of the Chalice
Knights of the Chalice is a PC computer role-playing game (CRPG) for Windows loosely based upon the Open Game Licence 3.5 (OGL), the set of rules at the root of the popular pen-and-paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.5, made by Wizards of the Coast. However, many changes had to be made to apply a set of rules designed for a pen-and-paper game to a computer game. As per the terms of the Open Game Licence, it is clearly indicated within the game which parts follow the OGL exactly and which do not.
At the beginning of the game, you create a party of four adventurers - the player characters. Unlike some other games, you do not get to recruit companions later in the game. For each player character you choose a class - Fighter, Wizard or Cleric - and a race - Human, Half-Elf or Half-Dwarf (Mul). The characters immediately start in the tower of the Knights of the Chalice, where they receive a mission - to look for a knight who has gone missing. After this briefing, the players can explore the tower then leave the place and try to complete their mission.
Turn-based, party-based tactical combat similar to that found in the old Dark Sun Shattered Lands game made by SSI and in Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil.
User-friendly interface. Launch a charge, full-attack or coup-de-grace with a single click - the computer will automatically look for the best option available. Outside combat, single click to move the party. See How to Play for more information.
A well-developed artificial intelligence. Enemies act as a group and can use special actions like Grapple or Charge and tactics like taking a five-foot step before casting a Maximised Fireball.
Omnipresent help files and clear in-game feedback (a feature also found in Temple of Elemental Evil) on the results of each dice roll, saving throw, attack roll, modifiers and so on.
175 magic spells, most of which were taken from, or inspired by, Wizard of the Coast's open game content.
With the right feats and sufficient gold and experience points, craft your own weapons and apply enchantments like Wounding, Speed, Flaming Burst and Keen.
Multiple-choice dialogue that sometimes allows the player to resolve situations in unexpected ways.
A large campaign largely inspired by the classic Dungeons & Dragons modules Scourge of the Slave Lords and Against the Giants.
Create your level-1 characters and take them all the way to level 20 (maximum).
More information.

HiddenX December 8th, 2010 22:03

The indie game Knights of the Chalice is a very good dungeon crawler. The turn based party combat is challenging, because the enemy artificial intelligence is much better compared to many high budget games.
This game is NOT about story or party interaction it is about C.O.M.B.A.T..
The balance of the game is good except for crafting, you can craft nearly anything on higher levels with gold and XP-points, only.

Buy this one, because I want more of these games :-)

zadokAllen December 23rd, 2010 19:31

Seconded, thirded, fo… ok , you catch the drift :)

If you`re a Gold Box die-hard like me, D&D fan or just enjoy decent (read:genius) turn- based combat BUY IT please. It may be bit steep at 15 quid for an indie effort, but boy, it`s worth it (and written by one person :)

Lurking Grue December 29th, 2010 08:30


Originally Posted by HiddenX (Post 1061038766)
Buy this one, because I want more of these games :-)

QFT. Amen!!

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