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Dhruin January 24th, 2007 08:24

Bioshock - Podcast @ Cult of Rapture
2K Games' new The Cult of Rapture Bioshock community site has added a podcast - here's their description:

Today I interview Melissa Miller, a 2K producer working on BioShock. She's spent several weeks up in Boston, logging hundreds of hours playing BioShock in its various stages of development, and could be called the resident guru of the game. At times, I think she'd be more comfortable if her hands were glowing blue from plasmids, rather than their normal, pinkish hue.
She gives us a close up and personal view on what it BioShock to her, and some of the awesome ways you can utilize the different weapons and environments in the world of Rapture.
More information.

Acleacius January 24th, 2007 08:24

Did anyone understand what the physiological implications for using Plasmids.

The intviewer ask in releation to other games having a Good/Evil or Light/Dark implications and the interviewee stated yes, but instead of decribing (afai can tell) the implications, she seemed to only talk about the creepy physical effects. :p
KLevne has hinted at an effect which casues you to be more like the creatures you fight if you use lots of plasmids and the two different factions one support the use and one trying to stop it, iirc.

Or are they intentionally talking around it, they both seemed a little uncofortable, not in a bad way more so just nervous?

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