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RivianWitch December 25th, 2010 08:03

(Spoilers) Stuck in dungeon
Hi guys

Resumed my almost forgotten Div 2 playthrough and I'm stuck in the dungeon under the battle tower on my way to Laiken on Sentinel Island.

I'm at the point where I've just battled Sassan's zombie double, who caused a massive rockfall which I think I have to get past.
I must be reeaally dumb, coz I don't see any q's about it here.

Ok, I peeped at a w/thru, which said I should get explosives in some secret passage. I think I know where the secret passage is, it's in that cell with the skeleton lying against the buckled door. …but how the ** do I open that door?
Hit the skele, perhaps? Let me quickly go try that…

EDIT: Oh, (duh) got it.. :embarrassed: I need glasses, methinks.. Why does one always see small details only after you asked about it on a forum? :thinking:

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