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Wulf December 30th, 2010 16:59

Killing Grompel
I am playing G3 again with the 1.12 patch installed for a particular reason which i may explain at some later stage if all goes according to plan. (the game is running beautifully)

I have 74 hashishin rep' - just 1 more point then Diego and i can enter Ishtar peacefully with 75 rep, i just need to kill Grompel the orc shaman of Silden to get that final +1 point.

Grompel is a powerful magics user, his mana supply is endless, he can replenish to full health even at the stroke of death.

I have not been responsible for any deaths of humans or non-hostile orcs in the game so far, therefore It is vital that i stay like this and do not get attributed with Grompels death, any death stroke must not be done by NH (aligned to Adanos as a druid)

Please help, i am willing and able to try any suggested methods, ideas or even use exploits to successfully have Grompel killed.

PS: i have over 150 spare exp points to raise skills if suggested.

Pladio December 30th, 2010 18:25

Isn't he the one that follows you over the bridge ?
If so, you can just make him follow you and then hit him. Make sure he stays in melee form which he would if you're close enough. And slowly walk backwards with him chasing you until you reach the slave/rebel camps.

BTW: I'm thinking of the shaman of the fishing village.

Wulf December 30th, 2010 22:07

Thanks Pladio, yes that's the guy, the quest is to follow Grompel, he will show the direction of the rebel attacks - an ideal time to kill him.

The snag is Grompel has no weapons, i have to slice at him several times for him to respond with his magic attack, when i am very close he stands still, poised and spell ready. If i run away i am dead from rapid fireball or ice lance spells, if i run at turbo speed and zig-zag up the hill toward the rebels, he simply turns around and walks back into town, if i then approach him before he returns he has become non-hostile again and his highlight has gone (it only shows when he is hostile.) If i summon a golem it is dead in less than a minute. I had four boars and four silver wolves attack him - lurkers, ripperbeasts, rhino's, he kills them all.

There has to be a stronger beast somewhere that has the power to withstand his magical attack, i've been trying for days - will keep trying.

Pladio December 30th, 2010 23:00

Try using the orc that can follow you around from Silden, he's one of the gladiators there. Once you beat him you can ask him to follow you around. If you hit Grompel until he is close to dying then maybe the orc can finish him off.

Wulf December 31st, 2010 13:41

I travelled across the Silden valley and enticed a troll back to Grompel - he said "ah at last, a real opponent" then made mincemeat out of the troll.!!

I had already tried using Trompok (the arena champ) but he was soon killed, but i will admit he did show some combat staying power potential - probably something to do with an orc fighting an orc stats, so i decided to persevere with Trompok as suggested.
Finally after locking Grompel in a tight corner against a riverbank, Trompok gradually wore him down. I shot 85 consecutive arrows at him, had to revive Trompok with the "heal-other" spell 8 times, then it was all over.

The rep with hashishin +1 text rolled over the screen.

I am now in Ishtar, all water mages are alive, no non-hostile orcs have been killed by me, all humans including bandits are alive, all non-hostile nomads are alive, most quests to kill animals have been ignored (as per Adanos alignment) Lee has killed Rhobar who now sits on his throne, Xardas is dead - i watched as his undead servant (the skeleton with the sweeping brush) killed him - i retrieved the focus stone and Xardas's book, I still have all the unconsecrated chalices - Kurt is still alive!, Vak still has the artifact, he can keep it for now, this should cause migrations to varant to be restricted (as hinted by the hashishin 'envoy' in Trelis) i spoke with Innos at the shrine of enlightenment, he said "the king is dead, are you able to go it alone?" - I have the power of the ancestors, I have not opened any temples to release any undead as hinted by Myxir, i have have retained all artifacts in the game (except one??) as hinted by Diego, i have yet to have Zuben killed (after the right choice of quests and certain conditions met)….then and not before will i even attempt any liberations. Instead i will try to pick up pieces of the hinted storyline with the Water mages - Haran-Ho and all that.

Thanks Pladio for your help - Trompok proved to be a good choice.

Pladio December 31st, 2010 19:39

You're welcome :)

This game is too long for me … Enjoy.

Wulf January 5th, 2011 15:03

Just for the record…and on reflection…

Trompok was the wrong choice, in fact the actions of any assigned followers/helpers become associated with NH as if it was NH himself doing the deed (killing etc') - summoned creatures and even when NH transforms into an animal or beast will enable consequences when killing any non-hostile orcs.

Only free-roaming animals/beasts of the natural G3 world that are un-associated to NH can be allowed by enticement to lure towards Grompel with the intention of killing him without there being orc reputation consequences either first instance or accumulated and killing Grompel is a prerequisite to enter Ishtar per the main storyline and not neccessarilly to "side" with the hashishin but to worm your way into their confidence so that other progress of game storyline progression/openings can be achieved.

I found Ogres are an excellent choice in killing orcs - they have a relentless attack routine with only small rest gaps but there are none in the vicinity of Grompel.

The frivolous experiment i mentioned to see if killing Xardas would alter the main questline was obviously foolish but i had to see if there was any continuation in that direction - there wasn't, the quest line becomes truncated from that point, the very reason to enter Ishtar and please Zuben is to get his staff (amonst other things) and to enable the trigger to "find out for Zuben what Xardas is planning" to enable and further the main game (not liberation related) and somewhat covert quest line to continue onward.

So i deleted many saved games and reverted back to level-50 with Xardas still alive.

Grompel was eventually killed by the troll, i thought it would never end, it was a trial and error situation, i had him almost kill by arrows then the troll landed the final blow.

What a beautifull saga structured game G3 is.

Kostas January 6th, 2011 05:07


Originally Posted by Wulf (Post 1061043111)
So i deleted many saved games and reverted back to level-50 with Xardas still alive.

That's a bit like the time you got rid of all your Chromanin notes having failed to find a path that only you are aware of.

What a beautifull saga structured game G3 is.
I'll have to agree, I tried it a few days ago with CP1.74 + QP4.2 + CM2.2 and it's absolutely fantastic.

Wulf September 1st, 2013 12:48

update - 1/Sept/2013

I found a better (easier) solution for killing Grompel, the same tactic as previously suggested but with the ultimate foe, a "monster" which can be found near the river (downhill from the tunnel wolves cave)

A monster is the only beast in G3 with sustained 'six pack' attack and is the ultimate single opponent to kill Grompel and leave no trace effect on NH's reputation. The monster's six consecutive bites leaves short space between attacks making it more difficult for Grompel to replenish his health.


Maylander September 4th, 2013 15:08

That actually works on Grompel? That's somewhat surprising, as most magic users seem to be able to handle beasts rather well as long as they can get a cast off here and there. Especially if they get a series of them off so they keep the beasts at range.

I assume Grompel enters into a "healing state" where he mostly wants to cast a rather time consuming healing spell, and then never actually manages to cast it?

Wulf September 5th, 2013 12:21

Yes, sort of, It is rather tricky to explain, i've seen his health bar actually empty and i whisper to myself yes! you're almost dead, die you little b******* and still he recovers to full health, the programming routine seems to wait for fractions of a second then collect them into a whole number to enable a full heal. So if the millisecond gaps are not allowed to collect or total, he will wait for the routine to repeat (all within a couple of seconds)

The monsters *repetitive* bites have no millisecond gaps and therefore prevents Grompel to total his gap times - but this routine itself has to be repeated to wear away his health bar. It can take several minutes, eg: a troll twenty minutes - a monster 5 minutes.

Some walkthrough guides say Grompel cannot be killed but no dead Grompel means no entry into Ishtar and NH as an avatar of Adanos cannot kill non-hostile orcs. Killing Grompel this way is the only way to stay within to moral alignment to Adanos - NH's master.

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