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Dhruin January 27th, 2007 00:21

Silverfall - English Demo on Monday
The official Silverfall site has announced an English demo will be available from GameSpot on Monday:

GameSpot will launch on Monday, January 29th the Silverfall demo in english.
In this demo you'll be able to play the first levels of the game, discovering playable races and monsters in the swamps down the town of Silverfall.

Check out now the Silverfall demo download page to check when it's available.
More information.

araczynski January 27th, 2007 00:21

dang, haven't followed this game in a while, seems completely different then what i remember, looks good too. too many good games coming out dangit.

at this rate i'll never get through the pc games i have to play in order to be able to buy a 360 and play THOSE games.

chamr January 27th, 2007 00:26

Some of the folks on the Gamespot forum already bought the French version a while back and converted the text to english with some kind of unofficial patch. Unfortunately, their feedback is generally not positive. Mostly "looks real pretty, but gets old fast, nothing new to offer in the action-RPG space". I'll still be checking out the demo, of course…

kencube January 27th, 2007 09:28


Originally Posted by chamr (Post 17238)
Some of the folks on the Gamespot forum already bought the French version a while back and converted the text to english with some kind of unofficial patch. Unfortunately, their feedback is generally not positive. Mostly "looks real pretty, but gets old fast, nothing new to offer in the action-RPG space". I'll still be checking out the demo, of course…

Actually the official english text is hidden in the french retail version's patch. All you need to do is changing some vlaue in the registry and apply the latest patch.

Play the full game already, agree with that comment.

aries100 January 27th, 2007 16:50

Hmmm ---

I played the French demo --- and you really shouldn't go by what gamespot is saying. I'm pretty sure they didn't even understand what they needed to do….in order to advance the game…

However, I did, as I understand a little French (I was able to understand most of the french text and what I neded to do, or if I didn't understand the French text,
I could at least guess from the context what I as supposed to do.

And BTW, the game do NOT look that great (even compared to say NWN2). THe visuals are kind of rough egdy, but I liked this as this gives me the feeling that I'm actually playing a game, not seeing a movie.

I don't know what they have played in Silverfall, but if the only thing the ever did was to go out and kill monsters, then yes, Silverfall may not bring any new things
to them. But if they did talk to some people, and then did some quests, then their entire experience would be quite different. As mine was.

Then they would have discovered a great story combined with the gameplay of fast action paced rpgs. A story which required you to do quests - in order to progress in the game.

At a first look or on the surface, this game, Silverfall, could look like a Diablo clone, however, I find, that this game os so much more than that. If you look at the skill trees, yes, them seem at first glance similar to Diablo, but they are very different.
The weapons you can choose are veru different drom Diablo as well, and by that I mean that you actually can use firearms and such -- if you take points in technology.

Generally, I'm bit tired of this 'new stuff' idea which seems to be the measurement for all games these days: to they bring any new stuff to the rpg experience ??
If you look at say: KULT:heretic kingdoms, then this game didn't bring any new things to rpg experience. However, I found the game to be very enjoyable.

They executed, and by that I mean done or made, the ideas very well, in the game.
I mean just because a book is written about the same subject we all know and love, other books on that subject doesn't become invalid, no does it mean that
the book about the subject necessarily should contain new stuff e.g. romance stories are still being written.

Unregistered January 27th, 2007 17:45

If the game is fun, then I really don't give a crap if the game has"innovation" or if it had new offerings in it. Heck NWN2 didn't offer anything new or innovative in it.

fatBastard() January 27th, 2007 20:38


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 17315)
If the game is fun, then I really don't give a crap if the game has"innovation" or if it had new offerings in it.

Bingo! (10 characters)

Jabberwocky January 29th, 2007 21:35

>:( I strongly object to Gamespot and their trying to make me register and fill out my life history just to download a stupid demo. I spent 10 minutes just trying to come up with a username that isn't already taken, and that I'll most likely never use again and easily forget. Even after finally getting past that point, I was expected to fill out all kinds of personal information. I just got mad and quit. No demo is worth the hassle. Websites that always want personal information like this is really getting on my nerves. If this is the way of the future, then I wish they would hurry up and equip retinal scanners on standard PCs so this nonsense will be a LITTLE less annoying. >:(

Jabberwocky January 29th, 2007 21:56

Well, at least I've found the demo available on other websites that aren't so anal.

curious January 30th, 2007 02:06

gamershell has always been a favourite of mine. good news site, though nowhere near the watch;). it also requires no signups and even better has no queues either. probably not as fast as some other sites but as i only have dsl thats no worry for me. easy to navigate too.

Lucky Day January 30th, 2007 03:42

Got a copy at filefront


no signup needed there either and no waiting.

Acleacius January 30th, 2007 07:25

I tried the original French demo with an attempted translation to English, which was not enough to help me understand what was going on, to be able to enjoy the game, so I wait till I hear some feedback.

Jabberwocky, gamespot is like gamespy, in the sense they have been bought by corporations and maybe the same ones (?) mostly likely by RScaife media organizations such as fox news, iirc.
What they do is form a pay system and reserve popular registration names requiring you to join to get a name.

How do they get the list of popular names?
Just like email scams which broadcast to millions of randomly generated email addys, they included a nice section at the end to be taken off the spam list, so by replying to the Link they provide, they get your email addy from your reply. :p
So these pay to join sites just sit back collecting names as unsuspecting people try to register, hoping you want your name and to be on their board bad enough to pay.

I found this out by trying to register, while my preferred name since D&D days back in the 80s, Acleacius and since I completely made it up during my initial first game, I knew it's not a common name.
I tried to register on IGN, the parent site of gamespy where I do have the name for about 6 years, though I really only posted on Bloodlines after we all moved from Dilapidation.
IGN said the name was not available, which normally on most boards means already taken, :S since it's not common name, I wanted to see who was posting and what kind of post they were making, doing a search revealed no such poster, ever on their boards. :p

[Btw in case you’re wondering whom and what kind of corporations are buying up game sites and what can expect, one in particular owns maybe up to 80% of the all the English language print and broadcast media outlets in the world (iirc), RScaife and he is the only evil Australian I know of but he is pretty bad.] :thedevil? Maybe!: :p

He is the one whom has orchestrated and financed the illegal media takeover in the US (much of the world too), with phony grassroot neo-fascist front organizations like the heritage foundation, kato institute and federalist society.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power." Benito Mussolini

He was first exposed (iirc) in 1981 fielding a question from Columbia Journalism Review reporter, Karen Rothmyer about his financial backings, quoting his reply and bleeped for the kids.
“You *ucking Communist *unt, get out of here”

So it's really best to avoid these sites, just in the sense of saving your sanity, imo. ;)

doctor_kaz January 30th, 2007 23:40

Excuse me, sir. You dropped your foil hat.

Acleacius January 31st, 2007 06:18

Ahh nothing more important than providing ad hominem generalized comments instead of actually providing a substanive comment, right or was this just a joke and your forgot your simling emotes? ;)

So I am not sure are you trying to comment about my experience with the French Demo, sites like gs aren't run by corperations and try to get people to pay to join there forums, RScaife hasn't consolidated massive amouts of English media through out the world, questioning his techniques at aquiring them, his funding practices, how he effects the US government through backdoor deregualtion, comments to Karen Rothmyer or understanding political fascist techniques and finally poissibly my warning to avoid those types of sites? :)

If your refering to RScaife then I will be glad to start a topic in OT or Political depending on which you feel constitutes my tin/foil hat and supply any factual and verifiable information I can, as with the Karen Rothmyer comment, admitedly "the devil" emote will be a little difficult to backup as he had his horns filed down. ;)

Jabberwocky January 31st, 2007 06:32

Yep… well…. I got the demo. Didn't like it. Seemed so 'fake' of a world. I just can't get into games that feel 'Arcadish' to me. I like games that feel like they could be a real place with a little stretch of the imagination. To be specific: I am much more inclined to play a game where the loot you get off of bodies is done by rumaging through their pockets (access inventory, find common stuff) as opposed to the body disappearing only to leave behind a random assortment of unrealistic objects. But hey, that's just me. I mean, I also don't like random websites that get too personal - go figure. :rolleyes: ;)

Acleacius January 31st, 2007 06:46

Yeah those exclusive release deals are terrible, I try to avoid any site participating especially those whom want you to pay money to join them or even asking for too much personal info.
Glad at least Lucky Day and Dhruin (in the other thread) were posting alterntive download sites. :)

Moriendor January 31st, 2007 19:29

Well, your accusations are still totally unfounded and paranoid and it's outright silly of you to imply that these sites merely exist to collect personal information.

First of all, you can fake all personal information. No one can check whether your name really is Duffy Duck or not ;) . The only thing that needs to be correct is your e-mail address so you can activate your free account. Big fucking deal. Just get a free spam address from one of those free mail providers for the sole purpose of signing up to sites that you consider suspicious and you're good to go.

Secondly, those "exclusive" deals have never worked. You were always able to find any demo hosted on other sites or BitTorrent shortly after it was released.
That's why they have changed the wording accordingly. As you may have noticed, it usually says now that the demo is "to premier exclusively on [GameSpot/GameSpy/IGN/FilePlanet]". The key word here is premier. It just means that no one is supposed to publish the file before one of those sites does. Again. Big fucking deal. Just check at what time the demo is due to debut on GameSpot/GameSpy/IGN and then check your preferred file hoster 15 or 30 minutes later.
You definitely don't need GameSpot, GameSpy or IGN/FilePlanet to download a demo. I haven't used any of those sites in years and I've always been able to play the demos that I wanted to play day of release (I usually get them from Gamer's Hell or a German file hoster called K-Files (KGN)).

I really don't see where the problem is. At least with demos. The only thing that is pretty lame and annoying sometimes is when they have subscriber-exclusive stuff like certain beta tests, stress tests etc that are only open to paying subscribers of GameSpot or IGN/FilePlanet or GameSpy. Those deals are luckily very rare though.

Acleacius February 1st, 2007 12:51

"your accusations are still totally unfounded and paranoid it's outright silly of you to imply….."
I would agree except I obviously didn't say or imply this was their sole existance, so your accusations of paranoia are based on confusion or paranoia. ;)

"First of all,…..you're good to go."
Yes, you are correct and I agree with you, but the fact remains many (ok maybe just a few :) ) people would like to join these boards legitamatly which means providing credit cards, in most cases.
Now credit card info is very revealing in the since carders whom steal or buy database files have a very good chance of idenity theft, so the more data bases you have your info listed in the greater the odds you will be idenity duped and this is not good.

" Secondly,………….called K-Files (KGN)). "
Yes you are right, though I have seen 24 hour deals before (can't recall recently) mostly in other generes and most legit sites comply if it's a legally binding sort of deal.
Obviously underground sites and BT provide them without a second thought, but most people don't use BT nor do many experiened people since being on BT downloading exposes your IP and to many different p2p hacks, proabably at least hundreds of watchers whom gather IP addys.

"I really don't see where the problem is. At least with demos."
Right, afai intended, I was responding to Jabberwocky's frustration at attemping to regester on a site that does intentionaly try to exploit to get paying customers on there site.
Now if you don't agree with my example of trying to regester my name, it's fine with me I certianly take no offense, but also you didn't really provide any info discrediting my example, either. :)

Hehe, the more time I spend in this thread the more I think I will try this new English verison, since I am seeing the quest are actually tied to a story which is one the most important keys to me being able to enjoy a game, even though I mostly avoid hacknslash, so thanks to eveyone posting their reviews here. ;)

txa1265 February 1st, 2007 14:14

I am confused … so I'll try to summarize what I think I hear:
- Game sites require free registration in order to access 'level 1' info and downloads. 'Level 0' can be had without registration, but no downloads. Special treatment, access, server priority and so on can be obtained for $X per year.

That seems the factual basis, which seems to place those sites (GameSpy/GameSpot/IGN/UGO/etc) in a similar place as things like the New York Times online and other such information sources.

But you are implying a more insidious side:
- There is some evil person at the head of these sites (Rscaife?)
- That identity theft is somehow uniquely associated with these sites?
- ?

I guess I'm not sure where the line between being unable to register a user name, wanting not to wait 24 hours for a download, and being oppressed by evil overlords is drawn?

Role-Player February 1st, 2007 14:46

Haven't tried the demo yet but will try to do so. Not sure it's going to be worth 1.437 GB of data, though o_o

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