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aries100 January 1st, 2011 15:34

Frayed Knights - Smelly Feats Update
Jason Barnson did another update for this game. He talks about the feats in the game and how they work. Here's something about both active and passive feats:

Feats are broken up into two categories: Active and Passive. Passive feats are easy. You just take them, and they give you whatever bonuses or extra capabilities that come with them. Take the Sorcery feat, and you can cast low-level Sorcery spells. Take the Deft Fingers feat, and you automatically get a bonus on any attempt to pick a lock or disarm a trap. Some checks (like searching) are always made by the most skilled member of the party, so doubling up on feats that give bonuses in those situations might not be too useful unless your “best” character is incapacitated or debilitated somehow.
More information.

wolfing January 1st, 2011 15:34

one of the things that tend to happen is that some feats and spells either make some boss encounters trivial (say, by allowing your party to keep the boss perma-stunned), or if the developer makes the boss too resistant or immune to stuns, it gimps your characters' ability to use 'out of the box' attacks (and spells) and just turns the battle into the usual normal attack/heal cycles. It's a difficult thing to balance.

skavenhorde January 1st, 2011 16:19

Sounds good to me. I just hope he keeps the "smelly" part out of the feats ;)

RampantCoyote January 1st, 2011 20:40

Wolfling is dead-on. It's a serious problem. But the reason you have stuff like that is so that every combat isn't just the usual normal attack / heal cycles. But yeah - how bad is it when the boss gets blinded or stunned? When you have concentrated most of the challenge into a single source which can be seriously downgraded or temporarily neutralized, that's a big deal.

The approach I've taken is more of the western-style that errs more on the side of risking a trivial combat. The bosses aren't exceptions to the general rules, just way beefy. Some are very resistant to magic or certain types of magic, but they also usually have some kind of weakness or two you can exploit.

RampantCoyote January 1st, 2011 20:41

Oh, and the number of feats is officially up to 76 now.

And - uh, it's not "Jason." Though "Jay" is along enough story on it's own…

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