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GothicGothicness January 3rd, 2011 09:23

Amazing Locations Ideas
I want some ideas of really cool locations…. do you have an idea of something unusual and cool?

Or a new approach to an old tried and true location?

Alrik Fassbauer January 3rd, 2011 18:21

Underwater ?

Some kind of underwater caves like … this one ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosquer_Cave

I have no idea to get there, though.
Through long and windng roads … tunnels from the surface to thre ?
Or through a spell that makes one able to "breath" under water ?

Edit : Here is a picture : http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/a…/fr-cosqu1.htm

dteowner January 3rd, 2011 18:36

It would require some tailoring to fit a fantasy themed game, but I've always thought an artificially constrained microcosm like the movies Pandorum and Dark City would allow for lots of character growth, a controlled but flexible environment, and a solid ending to the narrative.

Fenris January 3rd, 2011 19:21

There are some old Fantasy-Novels with "Demi-Plane"-Dungeons:

In the Death-Gate Circle the "good Overlords" imprisoned a powerhungry Wizard-Clan in a Dungeon-Demiplane wich should educate the Wizards; over a few hundred years the overlords vanished and the Dungeon turned into a Deathtrap wich tried to kill the Inmates. This forged the Descendants of the Wizards into hard-hearted powerful Warrior-Mages. The Story of the Books begins when the first Prisoner escapes and tries to free the rest of his clan.

In the "Dungeon"-Series there is a Dungeon that connects different Worlds and IIRC also different times; sometimes People just vanish and appear there. It is a harsh environment and creatures from different Worlds and times had to work together to survive.

Underwater Areas are used a lot by World of Warcraft. There is even a sunken temple; it could be interesting, but Potions and Spells of Water-Breathing make the Water meaningless. In the old AD&D Games (i.e. Dark Queen of Krynn, Dungeon Hack) some Spells worked differently (or not at all) underwater.

Difficult to top WoW in Areas, from the South-Sea to giant Insect-Hives to flying Islands they already used everything :)
(Edit: I know that nothing of this is really new, but I guess most younger Gamers will have seen it there first)

Some Mountaineering might be interesting; the use of Ropes and appropriate Clothing on the Way to some long forgotten Mountain-Monastery might be a challenge - or boring and frustrating (IIRC in Ishar 2 there was something like that and it wasn't entertaining). Flying Monsters might be a big Problem in such areas.

crpgnut January 3rd, 2011 20:38

How about a shrinking ray spell that is used to allow you to enter the arteries of an ancient dragon of good. Your job is to destroy pockets of buildup that are causing him to have heart failure.

A dungeon inside a coral reef.

Alrik Fassbauer January 3rd, 2011 21:08

An interesting idea would be a kind of dungeon or enclave,
where skeletons and other undead ones live that are NOT one's enemy ! Kind of Skulduggery Pleasant type.

It could be like a normal town … just try to imagine how friendly undead ones would live … without the usual cliché of hating all living bings, but in this case rather the opposite : They are trying their best to support every stranger who is passing by … And only few ones are passing by this town, becaue a) everyone fears the skeltons (a simple case of prejudices : because EVERYONE believes them to be blood-thirsty monsters … ) and b), since they don't need any food, they also have no food within the town … no farmers etc. … The player's character might be having a hard live because there is just not a single thing of food within the own (the death of hunger and thirst being a REAL threat, then !), or the player's character could collect herbs, berries etc. or/and try to start a small farm of his own … He could then try to persuade the skeletons to improve their bad reputation by farming and selling stuff on the local markets … And thus being integrated as a normal members/citizens into the society over the next few hundreds of years …

Fenris January 3rd, 2011 21:18

Maybe some special Encounter-Design in some Areas ? I.E. in the Insect-Hive Giant-Spiders could attack when walking on the ceiling; so they may avoid the tank-characters and attack the mages - except if the tanks use Poleweapons ? Even if thats not possible more Insect-Units could be stacked per Grit-Field; they could walk also on the walls. Swamp-Zombies that could emerge from swamps, Sandworms attack through the Desert-Floor, in a crystalcave some crystaline Monsters could use mimikry to surprise the adventureres. A Character-Class with high Spot and Listening-Skills could be useful in such situations.

Its strange somehow; we gamers fought already everywhere, from lava-caves to the deep sea to cloud-cities, even inside to body of a dead god…

GothicGothicness January 3rd, 2011 22:43

Isn't it amazing though that game designers always thinks of new ideas?

Even when you think everything have been done…. for example something like Shadow of the Colossus comes to mind.

IMHO games have had a lot of environment, but very few does something with the fact that they are different environments aside from the graphical represenation.

Pladio January 3rd, 2011 23:07

- Travel to the land of Giants and Titans where you are more of a mediator than an active participant, since you are a puny little human(/elf/orc/dwarf/…)

- Go to the 'real' world where u see tanks and soldiers and so on fighting with rifles and guns.

- Go to the mystical realm of Unicorns where humans do not exist and where the Unicorns are angry at you for discovering their hideout.

wolfing January 4th, 2011 14:18

I like visiting the same place in different times (time travel), so yes, geographically it's similar, but you could see the history through your own eyes (and how it differs from what people think happened). For example, in the present the juxilators hate the magmatronics because they stole the mantra of coffeeness, but then for some reason you travel back in time for your quest, and maybe in a twist of fate, you had to steal it to prevent the axiolator of doomness to destroy the multiverse, so you actually started that war :)

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