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Dhruin January 26th, 2011 00:57

Starpoint Gemini - European Publishing Agreement
We received a press release from Iceberg Interactive, who are new to me, who announce they have secured a retail publishing agreement for Starpoint Gemini in Europe:

Reaching for the Stars with Starpoint Gemini (PC)
European Publishing Agreement for Tactical Space RPG Announced

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 25 January 2011 – Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive and game development studio Little Green Men are over the moon to announce their publishing agreement for the Tactical Space RPG Starpoint Gemini (PC). The deal includes both non-exclusive digital rights as well as the exclusive pan-European retail publishing rights. Iceberg plans to release the English as well as the German localized boxed version of Starpoint Gemini in April 2011.

This press release is accompanied by four brand-new screenshots. These can also be downloaded at www.iceberg-interactive.com.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “We’re really thrilled to have signed Starpoint Gemini, as this is an excellent title that will further establish Iceberg as a publisher with an eye for quality indie games for PC. In this exciting new entry in the tactical space RPG genre, players are in charge of their own space vessel, cruising the secluded Gemini galaxy where they’ll fight, trade, research, upgrade and level up. Players can roam around or play one of the 30 missions to advance the storyline. Now, who doesn’t want their own ship to create havoc in a galaxy far far away? At Iceberg we look forward to playing and publishing this game in equal measure.” […]
More information.

Capt. Huggy Face January 26th, 2011 00:57

Good for the Little Green Men guys. I wish them every success, as it sounds like they've really put in some effort…and the game sounds pretty decent. Once they implement the tactical pause, I just may pick it up.

UDM January 26th, 2011 04:52

Great news. Looks like I'll be getting it retail. Hopefully it doesn't come with DRM too, since the GG version had Securom patched out.

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