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TheMadGamer January 26th, 2011 22:03

Quest - The Blighted Beaker - Need Help
It's been about a week since I've last played Divinity 2. I'm playing content fromt the Flames of Vengeance at this point and I'm on a quest called, 'The Blighted Beaker' and I'm stuck.

My current journal entry reads, 'Naajad is not a troll, but a cursed goblin! If i want to rescue him from this cursed affliction, I need to find the cup and place it back on the altar.'

My game started up with me still inside the building, 'Wild Willows Manor, Asylum'. I've opened all the doors and chests in this building except for the cell with the NPC named, 'Bedlam' in it. I also have not opened two doors near where the troll is (though the door where the telporter is (also near the troll) is unlocked. So I have a total of 3 doors not unlocked in this building.

I have two problems:

1. I've searched this building and I cannot find the 'cup' anywhere.

2. While searching for the cup, I don't see the mentioned altar anywhere either.

Any help much appreciated.

crpgnut January 26th, 2011 23:41

Make sure to mindread the guy who thinks he's a birdie. I believe the altar is in Gula's dungeon, which I can't remember the exact name…Gula is the guy with the insatiable appetite.

TheMadGamer January 28th, 2011 02:30

Thanks, much appreciated =)

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